Peregian Springs nature corridor subjected to environmental vandalism

The extent of vegetation damage at Peregian Springs. 

A MUCH loved and needed wildlife corridor in Peregian Springs has unfortunately been damaged in what is being investigated as an act of environmental vandalism. 

Dozens of trees and plants over 320m2 have been destroyed inside the Ridges Boulevard Environment Reserve on Finch Terrace. 

The reserve provides a vital link for wildlife to move safely between Peregian Springs and the Noosa National Park, and wildlife corridors perform an important role in allowing the safe movement of birds, reptiles, mammals, frogs and other native animals. 

The act of vandalism has shocked the local community who are deeply concerned over what has eventuated.  

Sunshine Coast Council is investigating the environmental vandalism, and a large warning sign has been installed to highlight the damage and to send a clear message to the community that this illegal activity will not be tolerated. 

The signs will stay in place until the site has regenerated. 

Council would also like to further remind the community that there are heavy penalties for environmental vandals and acts of vandalism.  

Those found guilty of such offences can be fined more than $130,000 and anyone with information is urged to call Council on 07 5475 7272. 

Sunshine Coast Council’s Environmental Operations Manager Adam Connell called on the community to help find the culprit or culprits by providing evidence to identify the offender. 

“Council is investigating, and we are calling on the local residents to help,” Mr Connell said. 

“It’s unclear what has motivated this act – which makes the damage even more senseless. 

“Our natural environment is part of what makes the Sunshine Coast so special and if convicted of illegal damage, people can face significant fines from Council and more if found guilty under the Queensland Environmental Protection Act.” 

The sign at the site of vegetation damage will stay in place until the site has regenerated. Photos: Contributed  

Council, through its Sunshine Coast Environment and Liveability Strategy, recognises the importance of protecting and enhancing our natural assets and takes a very strong stance when it comes to illegal damage within the natural environment.  

Council receives regular complaints of illegal clearing and poisoning of native trees. 

“We are grateful to those residents who report this to Council as without their information, it is often difficult to find the culprits and prosecute them, which in turn deters others from carrying out environmental vandalism.” 

If you notice suspicious vegetation damage occurring in Council-managed reserves or parks please contact Council’s customer services on 5475 7272. 

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