Principal’s Post

Troy Ascott
 Coolum state high school

There are some significant messages out there right now about the power of unity.  We had the incredible Queensland state-of-origin team, coached by the wily Wane Bennett, overcoming all conceivable odds to win the seemingly unwinnable series.  Queensland’s victory is an amazing study into what happens if a group unites and works with all their might towards the same ends.  Added to that, we’ve had Australia’s response to the corona virus – leading the world in dramatically reducing the effects of the virus by being willing to make sacrifices together.  

And then, we’ve had the non-examples.  The United States now has more than 260 000 corona virus deaths as it has failed to come up with a united approach to control the pandemic.  We’ve also had the terrible news of Australia’s Special Forces soldiers being accused of committing crimes in Afghanistan, partly based on an internal competition between different groups within the army who competed against one another.

The theme appears to be clear – when people unite we are capable of almost anything, including the superhuman feats of our state-of-origin team.  When people are divided, when they fracture and compete within groups that should be united, things that shouldn’t happen become normal.  The education of our children, our country’s next generation, should always be something that unites us as a community.  It’s when we all come together and push our children forward, whatever school or institute of learning they may go to, that we build a stronger country and a stronger community.  With the year 12s of 2020 having now entered the world, it’s a great time to think about how we can get behind our young people and work for their success.  Let’s all do whatever we can to give our young people a go – an apprenticeship, a traineeship, a job or just an encouraging word.  Whatever it takes to see every young person in Coolum and Peregian successful!


Tony Gibson
a Marcoola resident who is active in community,
business, politics and the environment

 Ongoing Learning 

The schoolies arrived over the weekend to boost our local tourism industry and enjoy themselves. With all the schoolies arriving on the coast celebrating the end of 12 years of formal schooling, it should hopefully be a fun and safe time as they contemplate the next stage of their lives. The schoolies experience itself will be a tie of learning and I am glad that so many have decided to experience our wonderful natural environment on the Sunshine and Cooloola Coasts. 

The next stage for these young people’s lives comes with even more uncertainty than usual as they look at vocations. This will be through further formal post-secondary education or actually proceeding directly into employment. Whatever their decision, ongoing learning will be necessary.

As a human resources manager in the past, I was really interested in the priority of potentially new employee’s value for learning and lifelong learning in particular. Lifelong learning often matches individual and organisational goals with meaningful careers.  I was always keen to support individual careers and happy, healthy and harmonious workplaces, which would effectively serve the organisation’s customers and the community.

There has been a requirement in the ever changing world to be successful by being committed to both lifelong learning and often lifelong education. As researcher Stephen Billett states, “It is essential for lifelong learning to be understood as a process that goes beyond what arises through lifelong education. It is enacted as adults engage in everyday working life, it generates outcomes in the form of changes in what individuals know, can do, and value, and goes beyond participating in intentional educational programs”. 

So the happy news for all these young people is that learning does not stop after year 12. Employees need to be agile, educated, willing to continue their learning and be aligned to the values of the organisation they choose. If they can find the right organisation and career they should be in a job they love. 

I wish the schoolies a bright future and enjoyment in their celebrations of life in our part of paradise.

Don’t shop, adopt!

Julie Penlington
Four Paws Animal Rescue 

Zeb and Max are two delightful male Poodle x dogs around nine years of age and they are very social and enjoy socialising with other dogs and people. Sadly their owner was very ill and while he was in hospital and in recovery for six months he was let down with the care of his dogs. They both needed major Vet work to get back in shape and now we have done that and they are ready to find a new home. The owner was pleased that 4 Paws could help him with this. If you are interested in adopting these two loveable pooches please call 0411144689 or 0400251396 to find out more.  

Christmas is upon us and many treats we enjoy are dangerous and even lethal for our pets. Here are some tips for food and how to keep it away from your pets. 

*Avocado can cause diarrhoea, heart congestion and vomiting in dogs.

*Chocolate can be deadly for dogs and can cause diarrhoea, an elevated heart rate, seizures and vomiting.

*Coffee can be fatal to dogs, and cause seizures, heart problems and vomiting. 

*Fruit cake currants, grapes and raisins – all common ingredients in a fruit cake – are toxic to a dog’s kidneys and eating these can make your four-legged friend lethargic, and cause increased thirst and vomiting.

*Macadamia’s can cause severe abdominal pain, the inability to walk and an increased heart rate. 

*Onion can cause your pet’s red blood cells to burst, leading to anaemia.

*Pork and ham can cause intense pain, pancreatitis and shock.

All the visitors over the festive period also mean a lot of handbags lying around. These can be a serious danger for persistent pets, as many contain sugarless chewing gum and pain medication. Chewing gum commonly contains xylitol and this is poisonous to dogs, causing lethargy, liver failure, seizures, vomiting and weakness. Some pets are known to do anything to get their paws on treats  [mine especially] and everything in my home is up high and locked away. If your pet eats anything he shouldn’t have, or displays any of the side effects listed above, take them to your Vet immediately. Well before the holidays get the number for the Emergency Vet they as they cover the hours your Vet is not open