Letters to the Editor 18/10/23

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Dear editor, 

The referendum of 14 October 2023 will go down in infamy as a report card on Federal Labor’s leadership, its focus, and failures in the 12 months in power. This referendum is probably the final attempt to reconstruct the Constitution. The premise was that it was Albanese’s promise to indigenous Australians to give them recognition and possibly a Voice in Australia’s future. With eight representatives already in federal politics, minus the finer details, this promise was a bridge too far for a sceptical majority. 

Now there were other election promises to all Australians, particularly about financial assistance to every household for rising energy costs.  There is not a word on this in 12 months. Since Labor won the last Federal election, based on future commitments, the historical rise in the cost of living and, consequently, inflation out of control, the impact of Russia’s war in Ukraine on fuel prices, impacting the cost of living, Australians have heard nothing but the push for “Yes” from the Prime Minister and his entourage for almost a year. This is divisive because our leadership needs to be unbiased both ways if they represent ALL Australians. This went down like a lead balloon to those opposing the Yes campaign. 

Now grieving over the failed promise he didn’t deliver, the Prime Minister and his indigenous politicians backing the Yes campaign, are unavailable, underestimating our democratic process which gave a resounding response to the arrogant assumption the majority would just sign the cheque on the bottom line, giving in, without really knowing what they were committing to today and for our future. It’s time to do an audit on what has already been invested in our indigenous communities, actually attend them, and see how we can do it better moving forward.  

E. Rowe, 




Dear editor, 

Has the Voice loudly revealed to the rest of the world the details of who Australians truly are? Just asking for friends. 

Margaret Wilkie,  

Peregian Beach. 



Dear editor, 

In response to the article ‘A Look back in time’ (4/10/23), I’d like to say the following: 

As F. Windolf reminds us, ‘…each of us lives through a piece of history every day” which is why I would like to highlight our current and previous history of ‘development’ of Sunshine Coast lands. 

We have seen a plethora of resorts and complexes which are often for the benefit of a few. 

Sadly, we saw recently yet another important wildlife habitat destroyed for Bluecare residents, which could easily have been located elsewhere e.g., the land where Bluecare have agreed to help pay for the rehabilitation area (which is an old dump site).  

In the process, 5ha (71 she-oak trees) were torn out (which are the only source of food for the endangered glossy Black Cockatoo. Despite having 65,000 signatures on the petition to council, it wasn’t enough to sway the big wheel of progress. 

Just for once, wouldn’t it be great if we could obtain land and return it to wildlife where we and future generations could enjoy studying nature under a canopy of she-oak trees and birdsong.  

It’s up to us. 

The Lorax (Name Supplied) 


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