The coaches and young surfers from Coolum Boardriders Club have been getting up with the sun on Saturday mornings, putting on their wetsuits and making their way for training in preparation for the 15th annual Junior Kirra Teams Challenge taking place at the famous southern Gold Coast beach from September 15-17. The club would also like to put a call out to the girls and women of Coolum to get back into the water and think about joining the Coolum Boardriders who have seen a decline in girls either joining up or staying with surfing. Pictured are coaches Gav Potter and Jimi Wallace with their surfing proteges as they take part in their eight-week intensive team training program at Coolum Main Beach in preparation for the Junior Kirra Teams Challenge. Picture: Kezign  

THE COOLUM Boardriders Club are set to send a team to the prestigious Junior Kirra Teams Challenge (JKTC) comprising surfers whom President Gavin Potter described as, “one of the strongest teams that I think we have ever had.” 

However, whilst surfing may essentially be free, it costs money to attend events where accommodation costs and registration fees are needed, and the club would like to call on the local Coolum community to jump on board and fly the flag for Coolum surfing.  

“The Junior Kirra Teams Challenge is a prestigious event. 

“Kirra has had some serious surfers and they have been running these really big events for years and they have been inviting clubs like us to go, which we do,” Gavin said.  

Events such as the JKTC are perfect to foster a love of surfing, and to develop comradery and further strengthen team spirit.   

“It’s an opportunity to showcase our surfers and it’s an opportunity for them to get to surf against other potential surfers from other clubs.  

“Surfing is a very individual sport but this is our chance to come together as a group and have that comradery with the others.”  

Gav stated that as a coach and President of the club, they were taking inspiration from the world of league for the event.  

“We are taking the State of Origin approach in bringing these individual competitors together to build an unbreakable team and club spirit that already naturally runs deep at Coolum Boardriders.” 

“We are stoked to already have businesses like Diggerman, Stagg Automotive and Apache Nature Team getting behind us to make it possible to transport and house these 20 young club members down to the event, but we need some more to jump on board.”  

The club will proudly support the businesses that sponsor them at the event. 

“Please get behind Coolum Boardriders for this event and we will proudly display the logo, flag or banner at the event!” 

To talk to the club about sponsorship for the Junior Kirra Teams Challenge please call Gavin on 0444 582 542  

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