Letters to the Editor 22/03/23

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Dear editor,  

Mr Tony Gibson’s Observations is a delightful and important addition to the Advertiser. He (a very cool person) reminds us that there is so much we can do to retain, maintain, and magnify the green beauty of the Sunny Coast and Coolum.  After all, it’s why most of us love it here. Please read his columns and ACT! Each little thing you can do can enhance biodiversity!  

Mulch around trees (put a stick next to their base) and plant plants – they respond.  They grow and thrive and invite others to their happy place. If a plant is on its own, it’s lonely – plant something else next to it and it will thrive. In each space, we occupy think of it as a potential for a little eco haven. There are two species of possum, native rats and several birds loving the mango maintenance at our (rental) home. Don’t cut down, mulch down and grow! Flora and fauna are life – like you!  

Dylan White, 

Coolum Beach.  



Dear editor, 

We don’t think, we KNOW that an epidemic of memory loss affected witnesses who doubled down at the Robodebt Royal Commission- two former PMs, four former Department Ministers and Public Service bosses/staff. Was there a virus inside the Canberra Bubble?  Just asking.  

Margaret Wilkie,  

Peregian Beach. 



Dear editor, 

Well thank you so much Robyn Deane, now we know that despite Labor being in Government for 22 of the last 25 years all the Palaszcuk Government was waiting for was a couple of Sunshine Coast seats before doing anything meaningful for the Coast. How arrogant, how hypocritical, and how benevolent they must feel. We should absolutely be most grateful. 

Instead of a motorway, the two Labor representatives should perhaps turn their energies to having their government fix the mounting problems with the ambulance service and the Sunshine Coast and Nambour Hospitals. Then maybe people in chronic pain could have their operations and hopefully others may not die waiting for an ambulance. 

Instead of taking the myopic local view, have a look around this state and perhaps ask the people of the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and particularly Goondiwindi and Townsville if they would rather feel safe in their own homes or get a new stretch of roadway. 

Peter Bayliss,  

Peregian Springs.  



Dear editor, 

Congratulations to Mr O’Rouke from CPG for coming to the right decision that the so-called surf ranch development on the Coolum West site is not the right fit for the area. 

With the intensifying impacts of climate change, all future developments must pass closer scrutiny with regard to rising sea levels, particularly increased rainfall from extreme weather events and cyclones.  

As Council considers a new Town Plan, it would do well to reflect on the vulnerable areas we already have and what can be done to mitigate flooding events in future. 

As Cr Suarez said, building on a floodplain would be irresponsible for any level of government. Our rates and taxes should be better put to use on flood mitigation. 

Any council which ignores the obvious dangers and puts population and infrastructure at risk should be dismissed or voted out. 

Robyn Deane, 

Bli Bli.  



Dear editor, 

Your article regarding the development of a wave pool and residential development at Coolum West gives rise to some hope that common sense will prevail. More so than ever have we as a population become wiser about building on floodplains and we must challenge every developer who wants to ignore the dangers of building on them. They make their money and then leave the community and all three tiers of government to fix up and pay for the consequences. 

A drone photo taken during the floods of February 2022, clearly shows that the area where Consolidated Properties Group (CPG)wish to build the wave pool and residential development is a flood-prone area. 

I congratulate in particular the Sunshine Coast Environment Council in their endeavours to have this development stopped, ably supported by OSCAR, Surfrider Sunshine Coast, Coolum Residents Association, Friends of Yaroomba and Development Watch. I also acknowledge the work done by Cr. Maria Suarez and Dan Purdie, Member for Ninderry. 

It would indeed be a wonderful gesture if Mr O’Rourke, CEO and Chairman of CPG, donated the land to Council so that it could be incorporated into the Blue Heart Project.  

Mike Hession, 

Coolum Beach. 


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