Letters to the Editor 26/10/22

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Dear Editor, 

Afraid of the Unions which fought for votes for women, superannuation, holiday pay, workplace safety, child labour abolition, workers’ compensation, paid sick leave, etc? Fair dinkum? 

Margaret Wilkie, 

Peregian Beach. 



Dear Editor, 

The Palaszczuk government has a track record of listening to the people, and so it was good to see the Transport and Main Roads Minister, Mark Bailey calling for community consultation on some of our busiest roads i.e., Beach Road, Duporth Avenue, Bradman Avenue, David Low Way, Jubilee Esplanade, and Coolum Esplanade. 

All roads we personally use frequently as we travel around from Bli Bli to Coolum, Peregian and Maroochydore. Of particular interest is the Bli Bli Bridge (David Low Way) which is heavily used and needs widening. 

Over 15,000 presently use the roads in this immediate area, so the Minister is seeking public input into plans for our growing population. It is imperative that they get the planning right and know what those who use these roads experience now and how they think the roads can be improved. 

Mr. Bailey said, “Alongside these plans, we’re investing more than $3 billion in transport and road projects across the Sunshine Coast over the next four years.” 

The Minister says they want to make sure future projects meet the needs of local residents, so have your say and put in your two cents worth. You can find the information online via his website.  

Robyn Deane, 

Bli Bli.  



Dear Editor,  

What a delight it is to read Frances Windolf’s local history lessons! A fantastic addition to the local rag.  

Her writings are marvellously evocative. Rich with detail and community spirit. There is such humane compassion and localised narrative discourse evident and a trove of treasures. It is this sort of work and effort that builds and binds communities.  

As a former student of Coolum High, I want to first apologise to Frances for being a rascal, who didn’t quite see her tremendous, layered intelligence (she was a great librarian) … and secondly, give a heartfelt thanks for this new role in enriching our understanding of Coolum as a geographical and human story.  

Great Stuff. 

Dylan White,  

Coolum Beach.  


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