Letters to the editor 27/04/22

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Dear editor

All the wealth in the world is useless without good health. The Liberal National Coalition denied during the 2019 election campaign that they would make cuts to Medicare. It was just a scare campaign and a lie by Labor they said.

Well, time has proven that it was not a lie with around 900 benefits gutted and bulk billing under threat with GP’s struggling to sustain their practices.

The cost of visiting our GPs in Queensland has risen 34 per cent and specialists are more expensive by 50 per cent. The cost of MRI’s and some other medical services are no longer covered.

Labor has promised to help make medical help more accessible by setting up Medicare Urgent Care Clinics and ease the pressure on hospitals. 

Access to good health care is essential for our families, our ability to work and ensures our quality of life. Labor believes in Medicare and affordable health care where you don’t need your credit card but your Medicare card.

Robyn Deane,

Bli Bli.



Dear editor,

Council needs to consider how their tip policy contributes to the unconscionable illegal dumping on the Sunshine Coast! (Advertiser, April 20). It is one of the only Australian councils not to provide ratepayers with free footpath pick-ups and tip vouchers. Cleaning up dumped waste is paid indirectly by all ratepayers.

The cost of attending the tips with household waste is prohibitive to some; not an option for those struggling with economic challenges. It requires more than just a vehicle; its cost and personal priorities are also realities. Those intent on doing the right thing, do find a way to dispose of household waste unsuitable for household bins, by making a conscious effort.

Not all residents have the environmental conscience to preserve what is still untouched by human footprints. Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” reiterates the need now, to consider our actions for the common good of our future, with our human impact on the present environment under stress. 

Our impact on the environment is more of a concern than ever when we see climate change as a destructive reality.  Historical floods, fires and unseasonal weather are obviously changing public opinion. This is more of an election issue now than ever.

E. Rowe


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