Letters to the editor 06/04/22

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Dear editor,

Over the past decade, Australia has lost a lot of standing in the world for its treatment of refugees and inaction on climate change. The Royal Commission into Aged Care revealed we should be equally ashamed of the treatment of our elderly in aged care facilities.

The Morrison government has failed to adequately address the crisis in aged care since the interim report from the Royal Commission into Aged Care titled “Neglect” was handed to them in October 2019 and the final report in February 2021.

The Opposition Leader, Anthony Albanese, in his Budget reply speech laid out a five-point plan to fix aged care saying – “Our older Australians aren’t just a number, they aren’t a burden, they are people who deserve respect, courtesy and the best possible attention.”

“We will bring the principle of universal, affordable, and quality service … to aged care.”

Not everyone ends up in these facilities, but everyone in them deserves proper nursing care, nutritious food, cleanliness, and dignity.

Former USA President Jimmy Carter said – “The measure of a society is found in how they treat their weakest and most helpless citizens.”

As a nation, we must do better.

Robyn Deane,

Bli Bli.



Dear editor,

Freedom, freedom, freedom! Freedom for Clive Palmer to make his billions without care and concern for anyone or anything apart from himself. Wonderful!

OR IF YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT LEGAL PROBLEMS [I don’t really think so, but if you are worried] – Freedom, freedom, freedom! Freedom for multi-squillionaires to make their billions without care and concern for anyone or anything apart from themselves.


Les Irving,




Dear editor,

The old adage: “Power gives way to sail”, the unwritten rule of priority on seaways, can be translated to apply to shared pathways. However, many on foot, experience quite the opposite!

A pathway shared with bikes, e-scooters, skateboards and scooters is fraught with danger for any pedestrian. The law determines that bikes etc, need to have bells or warning systems when passing pedestrians. The opposite is often the case. Passing quickly from behind those walking, many give no warning. Some, but not all have bells, or even use them.

This is a dangerous practice for those who have no idea that the Council rules of giving way, applies to them, when passing pedestrians. Nor do they care! The rules of common courtesy are ignored. Those who dare to challenge the riders are often vilified. Our elderly are more fragile and fall easily. Many walk for exercise expecting to be given right of way, as a matter of courtesy.

But as they say – “Common sense is not so common.” It makes sense for all to consider the other, rather than take their liberty for granted. We need consideration and harmony to live safely and peacefully, giving others the benefit of the doubt. It changes the world.

E. Rowe,


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