Letters to the editor 16/03/22

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Dear editor,

As the mopping up continues from the latest devastating floods, Premier Annastaci a Palaszczuk said, “Let’s face it, it is climate change. I have never seen so many natural disasters.”

For decades the warnings have been clear, we must address global warming, or our planet will become inhabitable.

Just because these were “unprecedented” extreme weather events, there is no reason for our governments to not be better prepared in future. It is imperative that climate change should drive all our decision making from now on. We must be prepared for all possible worst-case scenarios that will occur be it floods, drought, fire or sea-level rise. 

The recent IPCC report states that Australia is one of the most vulnerable developed countries. The extreme weather events we are experiencing have damaging impacts on communities and ecosystems as well as our economic and national security.

Now is the time for real climate action, starting with rapidly cutting emissions.

Climate change is our greatest existential challenge.

Robyn Deane,

Bli Bli.



Dear editor,

When I was a young and just married bloke my wife and I began a search for our first home. My wife seemed very excited about a particular home in the Dandenong Ranges (Vic). We drove up into the beautiful bush and found the house she was so excited about.

It was a nice timber home with distant views through all the bush trees. So many beautiful giant bush trees and thick green undergrowths. However, I was emphatic with my decision to never buy this home as I had grown up in bushfire country. 

We did buy a block and built a house, on high dry land, at the base of those mountains, well clear of the Eucalyptus bush. Over the years we moved often, building or buying six more family homes. All high and dry, all in bushfire free areas and all properties checked with local government weather and fire records. 

As part of my career, I fought fires and I helped to save people from floods. I lost workmates, friends and relatives to floods and fires. So many terrifying tragedies and heartbreaks.

However, many people have and will continue to buy and or build homes in the bush. Many people have and will continue to buy and build in flood-prone zones.

And then, when those homes and towns are destroyed by flood or fire they blame the Government.

Bob Stonehouse,

Coolum Beach.

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