Letters to the editor 23/02/22

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Dear editor,

What have been the most pressing issues for Australians over the past three years? 

Getting Aussies home quickly and safely? 

Border controls/lockdowns? 

Quarantine centres? 

Vaccine rollout? 

PCR and RAT tests availability? 

Religious discrimination? 


Climate action? 

Refugee detention? 

Job security?

Housing affordability? 

We all need to think about these, and any other issues that are important to you, before the election. How well do you think the LNP has performed? Please consider carefully before you vote.

Margot Lloyd,

Coolum Beach.



Dear editor,

With respect to Ms Blair in her letter last week she cited the bravery of our armed forces to invade countries, which have not declared war upon Australia, as the price paid for our freedom. She mentioned conscription which has not been enforced since my brother and countless other young men were removed from their secure occupations and signed up to assist our great and powerful ally in its invasion of Vietnam. My brother is still paying the price for our “freedom”. 

Ms Blair then compares the sacrifices of “the young and fit” to the price (of freedom) being paid by the elderly, infirm and vulnerable as they fall victim to the Covid pandemic. As the majority of Covid casualties are in aged care because they already are “health compromised” should we be surprised that their weakened immune systems cannot cope with this virus?

Personally, I object to the mask-wearing requirement and comply only when requested, as happened yesterday at our medical centre. I cannot understand the necessity for mask-wearing here on the relatively Covid free Sunshine Coast.

I don’t agree with the freedom rallies and marches and prefer to just take responsibility for my health, act responsibly by taking adequate precautions, and not live in fear of my fellow humans as I walk amongst them! 

Linese Norrish,

Coolum Beach.


bus shelters

Dear editor,

When Sunshine Coast bus shelters were upgraded and replaced, they were deemed – state of the art. The metal and glass structures were a target for vandals.  How many panes of glass were replaced when smashed and at what cost – hundreds? 

It was totally unnecessary to replace what was already stable and sturdy structures. Time has proven that these new styles were totally inadequate to protect commuters from the weather. The Maroochydore bus depot, which is spread across the road on both sides, is separated by a busy road and traffic lights. This has meant many have failed to get their connections across due to being delayed by changing lights.

It is also unsuitable for seating in wet weather.  Commuters must stand out of the rain, with seating all wet. Translink’s response to complaints was that the seating dries quickly being aluminium. That’s not the point. Those waiting for their bus, huddle together in the centre, standing all the while, to avoid getting saturated. The money spent on upgrading these time-tested older structures could have been better spent on making these icons more colourful and appealing. Lighting is definitely a must, but preferably solar. 





Dear editor,

Further to Kenneth Fisher’s excellent letter in last weeks Advertiser, the following are some (not all) of the apparent questionable decisions that the Sunshine Coast Council needs to be held accountable for:

1. Why didn’t council seek advice from their Principal Development Planner who signalled his intentions to prepare a report recommending refusal of the five-star hotel and housing project as reported in other media at the time.

2. On what grounds was the development approved (6:5 in favour) on 21 June 2018 when the prior council vote was 10:1 against – given that it is the same Town Plan, same issues and same site; albeit that three of the six councillors who voted in favour are no longer in council?

3. Why did mayor Jamieson vote (in favour) after conceding that he may have a conflict of interest? This now leaves only two legitimate votes in favour (18%) from current councillors and why did councillors vote against their own Town Plan? 

4. Why didn’t council, instead, work with the developer and community as they did setting a precedent with The Shore Marcoola development to formulate a plan that complied with the “Town Plan” and therefore met community expectations?

5. Why did council spend ratepayer dollars (presumably millions) to fight their own ratepayers?

The bottom line is that the proposed development is totally inappropriate for the area (more akin to a mega city proposal), which completely lacked supporting infrastructure. It all seems to add up to council processes of HOW NOT to handle a development application …the people behind the 9,000 plus submissions opposing the development could assess its unsuitability for the area; council couldn’t or wouldn’t?

Council needs to advise Sekisui to get on with a town plan compliant development as they could, and should, have done years ago, which would have created the jobs that the S.C. Business Council keeps banging on about.

Richard Payne,

Yaroomba Beach.



Dear editor,

Yaroomba Beach is NOT a suburb.
The suburb is Yaroomba.
Yaroomba Beach used to be MY beach but is now gone – WHERE?
What right does Sekisui have to use the name Yaroomba Beach?

Nola Weiss,
Mt Coolum.



Dear editor,

He’s embraced that nickname, ScoMo – as a blokey kind of promo – as expected with his background as an advertising guy.

Grandstanding what he’s gunna do. These non-events stand still – in queue.

Disappointed us in Glasgow, with his climate goal a, ‘no show’. “We’re awaiting new discoveries.” The world expected more. “We’ll fix it with Tech and Science,” from he who’s expressed denial that climate change existed. A science skeptic still, for sure.

Fires burned, so don’t know why he, chose instead, to stay in Hawaii. While our nation faced disaster, we expected that he’d lead. “I don’t hold a hose,” he told us, in demeanour set to scold us. For he didn’t seem to get it.  You don’t hide in a time of need.

With most thinking, “What the Dickens, in regard to Brittany Higgins.” Who needs counsel from their wife to know that assault is a crime. So, I’ve got to ask this bluntly, how‘s it that he runs this country? For its common sense, and common touch, that’s needed at such a time.

And regarding the pandemic, you would think it academic, the Commonwealth should guide us in how to stem this Covid tide. Yet the States chose border closures, to prevent far more exposures, without the support from ScoMo.  On the sidelines, he decried.

Reverting to past behaviour, he announced RAT’s – as our savior, expecting credit, per usual. Though it took time till they arrived. PCR waits took forever. RATs on hand were quite exorbitant, sold out – buyers deprived.

So he’s up for re-election. Vote for anyone, but ScoMo.  Give us Albo. He’s got some go. Give us honesty, integrity – and get us back on track. 

Greg Young,

Mt Coolum.



Dear editor,

So heartily agree with Estelle Blair’s letter (February 16), those rallying for freedom are the antithesis of what we have just witnessed as the local community bravely stood up for their rights against a developer’s non-compliant plans.

Those of us who care about others are vaccinated where possible and wear masks in case we are carrying COVID and may spread it. While we might be fine, others may not be. They might be vulnerable because they are battling cancer, caring for a sick child or an elderly person. We all benefit from businesses staying open with healthy employees.

Our health system is coping due to our health care workers going the extra mile. They are our true heroes during this pandemic.

Therefore, it is encouraging to see a nurse put her hand up for the Federal seat of Fairfax. Sue Ferguson, who is standing for Labor, is a nurse and midwife and said at her campaign launch, “Scott Morrison’s failure to prepare for COVID outbreaks, time and time again, has put enormous pressure on health care workers and the health of our communities.”

Coming from the health sector and not being a party hack, Sue knows what she is talking about and will be a fresh face with fresh ideas standing up for our Sunshine Coast community.

Robyn Deane,

Bli Bli.


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