Letters to the editor 23/12/21

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Dear editor,

Our borders are opening as agreed to under the National Plan and COVID is more than likely coming into our state.

For almost two years, the Palaszczuk government has followed the health advice and kept us relatively safe. Sadly, seven Queenslanders have died. As of Friday, 11 December there were 2,165 confirmed cases. Proportionally far less than some other states.

Now following the health advice, State and Federal, we will be freer to travel and be reunited with families and friends.

We need to be thankful for the Premier, her team and the Chief Health Officers who have shown real leadership in getting us to this point.

Everyone needs to act cautiously, hang on to your masks, keep washing your hands and watch out for any health alerts.

Keep safe everyone and enjoy the holiday season.

Robyn Deane,

Bli Bli.  



Dear editor,

Another year- their ninth locked-up in our prison camps. Our refugees and the Biloela family wait and hope that priceless Christian gifts of compassion, kindness and freedom will bring comfort and joy to their lives. Maybe this year?

Margaret Wilkie,

Peregian Beach.



Dear editor,

The State Government is asking for trouble, opening Queensland to interstate visitors and tourists, with the Omicron variant rampant. Our extreme hard work to contain the virus over two years is now in jeopardy.

Take a page out of our sceptical Western Australian Premier’s book, working independently to keep his state free of the virus. In comparison, the UK is suffering a historical rising Covid outbreak, with the highly infectious Omicron variant dominant throughout unvaccinated demographic. 

With NSW and Victoria’s Covid infection rates at a historical high, with more deaths, Queensland is in the firing line, with borders opening up to tourists and visitors at this precarious time. We’ve worked so hard to maintain a zero infection rate, time after time in 2021 our population was restrained by restrictions, mandatory mask-wearing and contact tracing doing the heavy lifting.

Why now welcome the infection to our state, after all our hard work? We see this insidious variant takes no prisoners. This is not the time to drop the ball! So we again, pay the ferryman, who ships in the threat with the state’s blessing. We now revert back to mandatory mask-wearing, shopping and travelling, but not in crowded venues? The booster is our only defence. The horse has bolted.

E. Rowe,



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