Letters to the editor 21/10/21

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Homeless on the coast

Dear editor,

A quick check of Airbnb (the name of which by the way refers to the practice of providing an air mattress on the lounge room floor) reveals over 50 entire units and over 20 entire houses available for (short term) rent in Marcoola alone. This would appear to explain our local homeless problem. People who are willing to pay good (permanent) rent are not able to live here anymore due to lack of traditional rental stock. Our entire community is being impacted – the noise from the continuous partying in short term rental properties is unacceptable (they don’t go to the beach and rarely if ever use our clubs and restaurants), the Bruce Highway is clogged with short term renters constantly going back and forth to Brisbane and our hotels I notice display the vacancy sign more often than the no vacancy one even during the last school holiday period. Pretty soon permanent residents will need to be the ones providing air mattresses for essential staff needed for our shops, schools and hospitals.

Jackie Carney,




Dear editor,

With the up-coming COP26 meeting in Glasgow focusing the world’s attention on global warming, it was interesting to note that our Sunshine Coast Council along with our neighbours, Noosa Council, are surveying the community as part of their action on climate change.

Sunshine Coast Council Environment and Liveability Portfolio Councillor Maria Suarez said, “The survey results will inform the creation of a toolkit to inform our community on ways to mitigate and adapt to projected climate risks in the future.”

Climate change is real – our local councils are acting on climate change. Our State government is acting on climate change. The Morrison Federal LNP government is being coerced into making changes to its inadequate approach to climate change by COP26. 

How much spin will Mr Morrison put on any new policies with his latest back flip? The devil will be in the detail. They will be useless unless properly legislated for and enforceable.

Climate change is the greatest existential threat we have ever faced, time is running out to keep the earth liveable and sustainable for ourselves and future generations. There is no planet B.

Robyn Deane,

Bli Bli.


Petrol pain

Dear editor,

The high cost of our freedom, after 18 months of home detention, comes after Australia and the world opens up, ready for travel. 

Exploitation of the brave, restricted for so long, is the modus operandi of fuel and economic giants and the governments, which reap the lucrative excise and consequential GST bonus. Motorists are the geese, which lay the golden eggs.

So we pay, once by staying in home detention, then again as we begin to live and move as before. Historically high world fuel prices, artificially set to retrieve losses during lockdown, have an impact on all global goods and services reliant on fuel. And now the horse has bolted!

The silence from our governments, reaping where they have not sown, colluding with these exploitative economic forces for their own benefit, leads the motoring public like lambs to the slaughter. They need no excuse and are accountable to no one.

E. Rowe,




Dear editor,

I share Robyn Deane’s concern with the lack of diplomacy displayed by PM Morrison but then his advertising background doesn’t exactly equip him with the skill necessary to lead our nation and “keep us safe”.  Though I do wonder how this will work? Eight nuclear-powered subs for us (provided the Americans don’t renege on THEIR contract, as against what I hear is 70 of these underwater fighting machines possessed by the Chinese navy.  Perhaps one of our readers could explain how submarines are used to combat an enemy force, as aside from firing torpedoes at an invading naval fleet – I have a sinking feeling as to their usefulness!

And if MP Ted O’Brien would direct his attention from his obsession with the 2032 Olympics, could he please explain why the decision to expend a minimum $4 billion on these high-tech toys/cancel the French contract, was not debated in our federal parliament…or have I been misled in believing that Morrison has achieved dictatorship status and is consigning our taxpayer-funded dollars to the coffers of our great and powerful ally, sans discussion from what, in a true democracy, would merit input from all our elected representatives?

One more question from me, could Ted, or someone with naval expertise, give assurance that the necessary crew of 250 for each of these eight submarines will be trained and available for service by the proposed launching date in 2040?  Maths is not my strongest subject but I calculate 250 x 8 = 2,000…so let’s treat our future mariners with care for they are now occupying classrooms throughout the length and breadth of our nation.

Linese Norrish,

Coolum Beach.



Dear editor,

In a flap, Top Cock walked on eggshells to avoid a cockfight with Big Red Turkey and his belief that changes in the magnetic field of the sun will cook the chooks. Big Red, hackles raised, was spurred on by many Wild Turkeys. Henny Penny soothed the ruffled feathers and they all lived happily ever after.

Margaret Wilkie,

Peregian Beach.


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