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Dear editor,

I notice that once again Marcoola has missed out to surrounding areas in the latest Division 8 Council budget.  

Could I suggest that Council refocuses some time and money on its core mission, which is to protect the coastal dunes and surrounding environment. The dunes around Marcoola are quite degraded, and I see little evidence of activities by Council to protect them from further degradation. At the very least, all active frontal dunal areas – such as around and between the important access points from Marcoola SLSC and Beach Access 100 – should be totally fenced off and signposted to protect them from human degradation. Not partially and half-heartedly as it is currently done. 

Council lavishes money and attention on the dunes and beaches of Mooloolaba and Maroochydore, but even basic dune management activities at Marcoola are given lip service. 

​N Burke,




Dear editor,

I would have thought that our parliamentary representative, Dan Purdie, or his staff, would be reading your letters to the editor page, as a means of being in tune with the community and views of his constituents.  But it appears not, or if Purdie and/or his staff do partake of letters to the editor, then he/they choose not to respond when a letter does not fit easily into the Dan Plan.  

I refer to my letter published September 23 when I demanded that Dan reveal the percentage for, and against, VAD as a result of his survey conducted prior to his No Vote to VAD. Fortunately he and his Liberal colleagues were in the minority and as ‘fortune favours the brave’, Labor won the day and three courageous LNP MP’s did honour the views of their constituents.

Prior to the VAD parliamentary debate, I did try to ascertain the survey results from Dan’s staff, but they were not forthcoming and though I can understand their reasons, it does not augur well for what we are conditioned to believe is democracy in action.  

Is it too much to ask that an honest and open result of Dan’s survey be publicised?

Linese Norrish,

Coolum Beach.


Dementia Action Week

Dear editor,  

Thank you to all the community members, health care professionals and people impacted by dementia who marked Dementia Action Week 2021 from 20-26 September.  

Across Australia, individuals and organisations supported our campaign, ‘A little support makes a big difference’.  The campaign was to increase understanding about dementia and how we can all make a difference to the lives of people who are impacted and help to eliminate discrimination.  

On behalf of the estimated 90,000 people living with dementia in Queensland, we thank everyone for their support.  

For information, tips and to find out how you can continue to make a difference please visit discrimination.dementia.org.au.    

Maree McCabe AM,  

CEO Dementia Australia.



Dear editor,

How many near misses of vehicles with bike riders and unreported car accidents will have to happen along David Low Way before the powers that “BE” reduce local traffic congestion and put into action the existing plans for another off-ramp onto the Sunshine Motorway to link Suncoast Beach Drive at Mt Coolum. It would relieve the pressure off Coolum roundabout at school hours as well as give motorists a clear and less-congested access to their beach suburb. 

Many vehicles especially buses, speed along the narrow tourist strip of David Low Way, worse affected is from Pt Arkwright to Coolum where speed should be reduced to 40. Or better still made into a vehicle one way northbound only and create bike lanes in the southbound lane so as they are competing with families trying to cross the road to the beach or bike riders enjoying a bike ride along the coastal strip they are not risking their lives. So many vehicles would not need to use this strip if more connection roads were available linking the sunshine motorway.

Wendy Olsson,

Coolum Beach.



Dear editor,

In reply to Des Deighton’s letter in the previous week’s Coolum Advertiser, I recommend he looks at Petition EN1938 – Royal Commission to ensure a strong, diverse Australian news media tabled by former PM Kevin Rudd on the government’s website for the full details.

The petition calls on the Parliament to support the establishment of a Royal Commission to ensure the strength and diversity of Australian news media.

Informally called the Murdoch Royal Commission petition, it was signed by over 500,000 Australians who are concerned about media diversity in our country. It is not just about the Murdoch press.

Murdoch News Corps owns 70 per cent of our nation’s print media and is increasing its television presence. The largest share of any country’s media ownership in the world.

Many of its journalists and commentators present opinions as facts and those opinions are dressed up as news. Many of those opinions have been contrary to health advice during the COVID19 pandemic causing unnecessary fear and vaccine hesitancy.

As for Mr Deighton’s claims of bias in the ABC, an independent auditor has repeatedly found that is untrue. It is a myth put out there to discredit our national broadcaster by those who would benefit from the dismantling the ABC. 

A robust democracy depends on the free flow of information. Our democracy is jeopardised by the lack of media diversity.

Robyn Deane,

Bli Bli.


Development Watch

Dear editor,

The Community update on the latest local  “Development Watch” group’s” Imagine Coolum” plan,  (Coolum Advertiser, 29.9) shows activists putting the Sunshine Council town planners on notice.

The Regional Council, with the Mayor himself, a developer, has let commercial interests override the good of our environment and our community. Conflicts with Council planners over deficiencies in parking, higher buildings dominating the space and developments on flood plains, often not insurable by insurance companies, create friction.

Small businesses in the northern end of our coast, are suffering, due to competitive, bigger companies moving into our smaller regional spaces. Not controlling population growth and unlimited multi-storey apartments to accommodate it, has led to overcrowding and pressure on our limited infrastructure and environment. 

Squeezing more into less and detracting from the very essence of our beautiful paradise is counter-productive.

A comprehensive planning scheme to balance between growth, environment and lifestyle, is the aim of the latest “Development Watch” campaign. 

E. Rowe,




Dear editor,

At Glasgow’s Climate Change Conference, ‘Team Australia’ plans to give world leaders a lump of washed (clean) coal inscribed with “Don’t be afraid, it won’t hurt you”. Leaders will be encouraged to fondle it and repeat these words. Climate problems soothed and solved? How good’s that? 

Margaret Wilkie,

Peregian Beach.


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