Peregian community group replies to council budget

A Local Peregian Beach community group has claimed that Noosa Council’s 2021-2022 Budget sends the wrong signal on its coastal hazards adaptation plans.

Commenting on Noosa Council’s budget for the year ahead, Peregian Beach Community Association (PBCA) President, Marian Kroon, said it was disappointing that Council had not committed significant funds to manage the increasing threats of climate change on our coastal environment.

“Our submission on Council’s Coastal Hazards Adaptation Plan called for increased funding to complement and support the work of the volunteer groups that do so much work in protecting and enhancing our coastal environment. Actions such as ‘Community stewardship’ can only continue with increased financial support from Noosa Council, “ Ms Kroon said.

“The outcomes from the CHAP Roundtable discussions should not be an excuse for deferring funding commitments for coastal protection in 2021-2022. Irrespective of the outcomes from the Roundtable, it is apparent that increased funding on coastal protection will be required.”

“Community feedback is clear that the preferred adaptation options are for natural mitigation measures and such measures require increased funding.”

The community group did praise certain aspects of the budget such as allocating $50,000 to further Council’s 2026 net-zero emissions goal and support for the community’s efforts to reduce emissions was also welcomed as was funding for a community bushland care officer.

PBCA also welcomed Noosa Council addressing short-term stays – a contentious issue for some time.

“We welcome the review of rating categories and, in particular, the introduction of a category for transitionary or short-stay properties which will, in part, address the impacts that guests of these properties have on the demand for Council services and infrastructure”.

“We also welcome the additional resources allocated to manage the rollout of the new short-term accommodation local law but urge Council to move as soon as possible to a full user-pay system. We believe this should be a self-funding initiative”.

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