Coolum is winter in paradise

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Photo: Kerry Mulgrew Kezign

Whilst the mornings have been cool and crisp, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous and the days have been warming up to pleasant temps in the early 20s. Winter in our region is some of the best “winter” in Australia and is it any wonder that we will see a huge influx of visitors over the coming weeks for the school holidays? Please make everyone feel welcome. If you haven’t been down to the beach for either sunrise or sunset of late, this is your reminder to do so and enjoy some of the most stunning colours seen on the water throughout the year. Local photographer and morning sunrise chaser Kerry Mulgrew is beachside most mornings chasing the sunrise and took this shot on Friday, June 10. “There was a band of vivid colour on the horizon which tinted richer gold as sunrise approached and the glassy ocean brought a good crowd of surfers to the beach chatting and stopping to put their leg ropes on. I managed to capture one surfer heading into the water between a cluster of seagulls and instead of flying away as I’d hoped, they anchored to the sand creating perfecting reflections.” You can check out more of Kerry’s photographs at or Facebook – Kezign

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