Portraits of the Past: Memoir writing workshop

WOULD you like to learn how to write your life story and to be guided on how to do this by a skilled professional? Pam Wood’s Memoir Writing Workshops are the perfect class for the wannabe author with a passion to tell their story.  

A desire to learn and to write are the only needed components for the course with Pam taking care of the rest.  

The course will run over five fortnights from Thursday, July 4 from 1-3 pm at the North Shore Community Centre and each session is just $20 per person.  

No experience in writing is necessary and access to a computer is not needed with participants able to write in the format they are most comfortable with – either on pen and paper or on a computer if they wish.  

Pam explained that the workshop series is perfect for retirees.  

“My introductory course really does inspire and encourage retirees to recall and record their life experiences.”  

Pam further went on to state that a memoir is the perfect way to share with family members.  

“Memoirs are a gift to one’s descendants – many of us wish we had asked our parents and grandparents more questions about what their lives were like growing up and in the wars.”  

It is well known that journaling and keeping a diary is good for one’s health and Pam further reinforced these claims stating that writing is indeed “cathartic”.  

“Psychologists recommend clients keep journals to record their feelings on a regular basis to offload powerful emotions like grief and loss or trauma from childhood suffering.”  

Writing is a very powerful tool and Pam guides her participants in a positive, encouraging and friendly atmosphere and offers expert advice on how to self-publish once completed if this is desired.  

To sign up for Pam Wood’s Memoir Writing Workshops please call 0402 857 965 to secure your place.  

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