Noosa council set to tow campers staying overnight

Noosa Council is getting tough on illegal campers. Photo: Contributed  

It has long been a popular holiday spot and Noosa Council will be getting tough on illegal campers who part up near the National Park and stay overnight.  

Parking bays at the Mitti Street / Park Road junction, Noosa Heads, will become a tow-away zone between 10pm and 4am with the crackdown effective immediately.  

Signs are now in place at the parking bays and Local Laws Manager Rob Smith said it was the latest tool to be deployed by Council in an effort to curb illegal camping.  

“Illegal campers in breach of these restrictions could have their vehicle towed away and they’ll face significant costs to recover it, not to mention the inconvenience of being without transport while it is impounded.”  

Last year Council introduced the 10pm to 4am no-parking zone through Noosa Woods up to Noosa Spit – another illegal camping hotspot – with positive results. 

“Illegal campers often leave rubbish behind showing a total disregard for the area and the environment,” Mr Smith said. 

“We have seen good results from the extra patrols we have been undertaking over the summer months but are still seeing high numbers of illegal campers when we would expect to see the numbers reduce as we move into the winter months,” Mr Smith said. 

If effective, Council will consider extending time-limited parking and tow-away zones to other problem areas. 

“Our target remains those who wilfully ignore the restrictions and continue to prevent residents and visitors from enjoying our most popular and beautiful areas,” Mr Smith said. 

“Illegal camping reduces parking availability which impacts residents. Officers have issued 40 fines to those deliberately flouting the rules in the last two weeks alone.” 

Noosa is well serviced with campgrounds with facilities equipped to accommodate vans. 

Mr Smith said anyone considering setting up camp illegally – not just in high-profile carparks but any public areas throughout the shire – should take heed they may get a fine or at worst have their vehicle towed. 

“Our officers could be undertaking patrols anywhere at any time.” 

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