Wayne Parcell for Mayor

Wayne Parcell. Photo: Contributed  


AUTHENTICITY, leadership and experience are three keywords that describe Wayne Parcell who is running for mayor of the Sunshine Coast, and he is asking for you to consider him when you go to cast your vote on March 16.  

A resident of Montville Wayne describes himself as someone who has integrity and demonstrates it, and his business background and community ventures are a testament to this claim.  

“I’ve done some difficult things in my career such as negotiating with foreign governments, but running for mayor is about getting the right outcome for the community and now that I am semi-retired I need to give back as I received loads of help to get me where I am and now it’s my turn to help others.”  

Wayne has an impressive business background where he worked as a solicitor and immigration officer and established his own successful business. Wayne also has lots of experience in public administration and dealing with both national and international partners and stakeholders.  

“I worked extensively in Indonesia bringing tourism dollars into Australia and advancing Australia’s interests in illegal people trafficking within that region.”  

For his outstanding work, Wayne was awarded a ‘Public Service Medal’ (PSM).  

“The medal is an honours list award and recognises outstanding service to Australia and now I want to further that service by representing the Sunshine Coast as mayor.”  

And as mayor Wayne wants to assure the community that he will be transparent and honest.  

“I can bring so much value to this role and I appreciate the whole region.  

“I am very connected with the coast and have values around diversity and inclusiveness and I want every community here to be represented and heard.”  

From the hinterland to the coast Wayne wants to see each corner of the Sunshine Coast equally represented and heard and for the region to prosper and grow sustainably.  

Wayne already has a dedicated policy document that extensively outlines his position on a number of topics which will underpin some of the key issues facing whoever takes up the mayoral position with one area being housing.  

“Housing is a complex problem that has been decades in the making, but I am prepared to pull every lever we can in an effort to address this issue.  

“One measure is meeting good quality development that doesn’t eat into the environment such as Greyfield Precinct planning. 

“Greyfield planning refers to the redevelopment or revitalisation of underutilised or vacant areas known as “greyfields.” These are typically commercial or industrial zones that have experienced economic decline or neglect. Unlike greenfields undeveloped land) or brownfields (contaminated sites), greyfields offer opportunities for adaptive reuse and mixed-use development.” 

Other measures that could be implemented straight away if elected include engaging with the state around planning and social housing.  

“I will promote that there be more dialogue with the state government for a greater share of social and affordable housing for the Sunshine Coast region which has the lowest ratio of government-supported housing in Queensland. 

“I will also actively engage with the state government around state planning controls in the context of the growing interest in tiny homes and seek support from and engagement with the private sector for build-to-rent housing solutions – these are just some of my housing policy points.”  

Wayne is key to point out that if the people of Coolum want to see active change then on March 16 they need to vote for him.  

“I love it up at Coolum and it really does have its own relaxed vibe and we need to keep it that way and protect it.  

“If people are truly looking for change, then they need to vote for that change, otherwise they are just voting for the same.” 

Wayne Parcell’s policy can be viewed at www.parcellformayor.au 

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