Dr Suzie Campin for Division 9

Dr Suzie Campin. Photo: Vanessa Hall

EXPERIENCED businesswoman Dr Suzie Campin has announced her candidacy for Division 9 in the upcoming Queensland local government election scheduled for March 16.  

With an extensive background spanning 25 years in the local community, Suzie is positioning herself as the candidate dedicated to safeguarding the environment and championing the interests of the northern part of the Sunshine Coast. 

With a professional career as a scientist and town planner, Suzie has experience working across all tiers of government and her track record includes managing significant budgets within Arts Queensland.  

Suzie has the hands-on background to address the challenges facing Division 9. 

The environment stands out as a pivotal motivator for Suzie’s entry into local politics.  

Expressing her commitment to being a staunch advocate for environmental preservation, she aims to be the voice that ensures the new planning scheme, scheduled for 2024, aligns with the values of the community.  

“2024 is a critical year with the new planning scheme coming out and we need to make sure that it is right and that no dense high rises are allowed from the ‘big end’ of town.  

“It is important to retain in the area that which makes Division 9 so special which is protecting the natural environment and preventing dense development from taking over.”  

In addition to her environmental agenda, Suzie is committed to securing legacy projects from the Olympics and Paralympics, while also advocating for continued federal government investment in major infrastructure projects.  

Suzie also voiced concerns about housing and homelessness, emphasising the need for all three tiers of government to collaborate on effective solutions. 

“We must address housing and homelessness collaboratively, ensuring the planning scheme caters to the region’s growth while preserving its distinctive charm. This is our one chance to get it right, as each scheme lasts around ten years.” 

Suzie also wants to make sure that council is easier to engage with.  

“I will do all I can to make the council open and transparent and I will do all I can to change council’s consultation processes to involve everyone – the existing systems need an overhaul.” 

As Suzie Campin gears up for the election on March 16, her comprehensive experience and dedication to preserving the Sunshine Coast’s unique character position her perfectly as the next councillor for Division 9 who is ready to steer the region towards a sustainable and vibrant future. 


  1. Gary Little

    My name is Gary Little. I am the fellow who told you that you would hate me this week because I voted for you.
    I must congratulate you on running for Council. I only spoke a few words to you. However it was enough to know you are are very humble honest caring and generous person.
    I am sure you would have represented very well.
    If you decide to run run again, if I am still around I will volunteer to help your campaign.
    All the very best. – Gary


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