Community Update: Marcoola Surf Life Saving Supporters Club

A nippers outing in the early 90s. 



 Surfy celebrates thirtieth birthday! 

IT WAS DECEMBER 3, 1993, when Marcoola Surf Life Saving Supporters Club opened the doors to its newly renovated Clubhouse, which was going to trade seven days a week. The new look Supporters Club had just completed a major renovation with a new Bistro, Gaming Room and a new Bar, designed by renowned Sunshine Coast Architects Down & Neylan.  

The historical journey to complete the works had not been an easy one and thirty years on we reflect on how this new Clubhouse came to be.  

A loan had previously been applied for, with twelve guarantors putting their own mortgages and businesses on the line to ensure the upgrade of the Supporters Club could proceed with a much-needed extension and renovation. Those members were George Hanson, Peter Carmody, Brian Goulding, David McLean, Bruce Claydon, Wally Carmody, Gary Scotney, Roger Hill, Ross Schabe, Sid Hillier, Doug Gray and Wayne Clohessy.  

With approval granted by the previous committee to proceed, a contract had been signed with the builder prior to the loan approval being gained. With a $40,000 progress payment due the following day, four members of the Marcoola Surf Life Saving Club Executive put their hands up to offer $10,000 each from their own pockets to pay for the progress payment. 

With the progress payment due the next day and still no loan forthcoming, the four members were waiting with bated breath in George Hanson’s office in Marcoola, with a six-pack of beer in hand, hoping for some good news from the bank. At 7:15pm, George’s fax machine went off, with the members all eagerly looking as the favourable approval letter finally arrived. With a deep sigh of relief, the pack of stubbies (and possibly a few more) were drunk in celebration. Those members were David McLean (Pres), George Hanson (Dep Pres), Brian Goulding (Treas), and Peter Carmody (Sec). 

Without these guarantors, the upgrade of the Supporters Club would not have proceeded for many years to come, putting the Surf Life Saving Operations in financial difficulty. The club would have struggled to maintain and purchase new equipment to protect the locals of Marcoola, its surrounding suburbs and the many visitors to the area. 

It was a tropical theme with the ‘Beach Boys Hawaiian Night’ in 1993.  Photos: Peta McLean

On behalf of everyone who has visited Marcoola Beach and the Marcoola Surf Life Saving Club, we would like to thank our Guarantors for their generosity and goodwill in keeping our beachgoers safe. 

Some 30 years on, Marcoola Surf Lifesaving Club has over 130 Patrolling members protecting our beach visitors, 250 Nippers in training to be future lifesavers and 2,800 social members that frequent the Supporters Club to ensure our surf lifesavers raise vital funds to keep operational gear and equipment up to date each and every year. 

If you would like to be a part of this fantastic family club and become our next life saver you can contact us at 

Enjoy a safe summer on our beach and be sure to drop in for a cold drink or a meal next time you are in beautiful Marcoola. 

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