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The community has until December 19 to lodge their submissions in regards to the proposed new works set to be undertaken at the Palmer Coolum Resort. Photo: Contributed  

Palmer Resort Submissions 

TIME IS running out to lodge a submission on the proposed extension for Clive Palmer’s car museum and car park at the Palmer Coolum Resort.  

December 19th is the correct closing date for lodging submissions with all submissions needing to be lodged with Council either electronically or in person by December 19. If lodging hard copies please take them into the Council office rather than sending by post to ensure they arrive in time for the deadline. 

Clive Palmer wants to build a giant structure at his Palmer Coolum Resort, which is 22 metres tall, that’s five to six storeys which is twice the allowable height under the approved Hyatt Master Plan, and three times the allowable height under the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme. This structure would be 200-metres long which is double the length of a rugby field. 

Here’s how you can quickly and easily have your say. Simply copy the following URL into your web browser and go from there to make your online submission – 

Information needed for you submission is as follows: 

Application number: File No MCU23/0053 

Application Address: Warran Road, Yaroomba 

Nature of Development: Extension to Tourist Attraction (Car Museum) & Car Park. 

Here are some of the points made in our Development Watch submission: 

*The approved Hyatt Master Plan limits building heights at the proposed site to 12 metres. This proposal is to construct a building around 22 metres tall, which is vastly beyond what is allowed. 

*There is no demonstrated need for this tourist facility to justify non-compliance with the Master Plan. It has been stated that the Sunshine Coast needs a five-star resort, not a car museum. 

*The current tourism focus is a resort integrated with a residential community. This proposed new tourism focus of a car museum will only serve to detract from the existing tourism focus of a resort. 

*Due to the height and excessive scale of this proposed building (approx. 22 meters high and 200 meters long), it is really a stand-alone tourist attraction that should be located with other similar large tourist attractions.  

2 thoughts on “Community Update: Development Watch

  1. Cherie Kean

    I live in SERENE Vantage Dr Yaroomba and I love the peaceful atmosphere. Please don’t let Palmer build this monstrosity as it will increase traffic and population to our quiet streets. We don’t want noise or pollution. This man does not respect any lifestyle of our quiet Yaroomba. It will be a very sad day if we allow this project to go ahead.


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