Residential gated community announced for Yaroomba Beach site


An aerial view of the Yaroomba site and the plan for its future which is to be a residential gated community. 

IN NEWS that was released late last week the property development company who now owns the Yaroomba Beach parcel of land adjacent to the Palmer Coolum Resort, has laid out their plans for a residential gated community to be built on the site.  

Australian property developer, Dennis Family Corporation is preparing to start construction of the site at Yaroomba Beach after settling in September.  

The site has been at the centre of a lengthy court battle with previous owner Sekisui House approved by Sunshine Coast Council to build a seven-storey, five-star resort and residential apartments in 2018.  

The local community were actively against such large-scale development and as such has welcomed the news of the Dennis Family Corporation’s (DFC) plans.  

The DFC stated that the development will create a residential gated community including detached houses, terrace homes and apartments, in accordance with the existing 2007 Coolum Hyatt development approval, as a continuation of the Coolum Beachside Community Title Scheme. 

The group is preparing to start early works on the 18.5 hectare beachfront site and will be fencing it in line with its workplace health and safety obligations. 

Development Watch (DW) President Lynette Saxton stated that the 2007 approval was “generous” however, they welcomed the proposal set out by the new developer (compared to the previous one) given their credentials.   

“It too was a controversial development that attracted approximately 3,500 objections.   

“However, DW at that time did not have the resources to appeal the decision.  It is over 15 years since that approval was granted, and whilst in parts, it still allows higher and denser buildings than most development in the area, it is a far more desirable outcome than the one that Sekisui House wanted.   

“The Dennis Family Corporation are legally entitled to proceed with this approval now.”    

DW are hoping to have a good line of communication moving forward.  

“We are hopeful of working with the Dennis Family Corporation to represent the views of the community in a collaborative partnership to ensure the community can in some way influence the design and construction.  

“This consultation potentially could improve park areas and enhance public space, protect the unique environment and vistas, and minimise adverse construction impacts on the local area etc.” 

An aerial view of the Yaroomba site and the plan for its future which is to be a residential gated community. 

A spokesperson from Sunshine Coast Council said that the developer had met with Council.  

“Council has been informed that the Dennis Family Corporation intends to proceed with the previous Coolum Hyatt residential approval issued in 2007.  

“This information is available on Council’s Development.i website under application reference MCU05/0245. 

“Council expects fencing will be installed around the site shortly, noting that the existing pathway to the north connecting to the Yaroomba Meeting Place to the beach access will be maintained for public access. 

“An Operational Work application is currently with Council under assessment and once approved, will enable the DFC to commence preliminary earthworks on the site.” 

Council also stated that subsequent development applications will need to be lodged with Council for the Reconfiguring a Lot and Operational Work associated with the 2007 Coolum Hyatt Master Plan approval. 

“Residents can make submissions/comments through the Development.i website on any new development applications.” 

Dennis Family Corporation director Grant Dennis said the family-owned residential developer was committed to delivering a strong outcome for the Yaroomba community. 

“This site has been earmarked for development for a decade or more and we are eager to begin work,” Mr Dennis said. 

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