Tank water residents should prepare for dry summer

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IF YOU’RE not on town water, have you checked your tank lately? This is the advice from Sunshine Coast Regional Council.  

The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting a below-median rainfall for September to November and warning that this summer the Sunshine Coast will be hotter and drier than others in the last three years. 

Council is reminding residents not connected to town water that now is the time to check you have an adequate water supply and have prepared your home for the hot weather to come. 

Apart from some much-needed rain in some parts of the region, Council has already started to field enquiries from concerned residents about the low levels of their water tanks. 

Local Disaster Management Group coordinator Wayne Sunderland says many new residents to the Sunshine Coast may not have experienced living in a home reliant on tank water. 

“In previous years, some residents not connected to town water faced a critical water situation after some people left it too late to fill their tanks or fix any leaks,” Mr Sunderland said. 

“This led to delays for tank refills with commercial water carriers struggling to meet demand. 

“To avoid a water shortage over the summer now is the time to contact the water carriers and ensure your supply.” 

Any person experiencing extreme hardship due to lack of water supply should make their situation known to friends, family, neighbours, relatives, or assistance agencies for support.  

Find out more about preparing for extreme weather events in the next edition of the Advertiser out on October 4.  

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