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Dear editor,  

I just wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for the amazing chance to see ‘From Rations to Wages to Treaty’. It was an absolutely incredible, enchanting experience that I will always treasure. 

This performance was truly captivating, inspiring, educational and professional. Such a relevant and entertaining event. The Joe Geia band delivered both a positive and memorable contribution to the Horizon Festival 2023.  

You and the team at the Coolum Advertiser made it all possible and I can’t thank you enough for your generosity. 

I will cherish the memories of this wonderful evening for many years to come. 

With thanks. 

Name supplied,  

Coolum Beach.  



Dear editor, 

Having received and read the Referendum Booklet I do hope this taxpayer-funded publication is read by all who received it; though I doubt this would be the case.  A friend was very vocal in her condemnation of Albanese in “forcing us to vote yes” though she had not read the booklet but is determined to vote No, regardless of any content that may conflict with her views.  Which primarily concerns the change to our Constitution which according to folklore, can never be altered.  My argument that we have no control over future generations and what they may wish to add, or remove, from our Constitution, was not well received.   

Peter Dutton’s argument that favouring our indigenous people in the Constitution means permanently dividing Australians…. well, his negative input into the debate is already creating division as is the case with my friend who demanded that I vote No.  I will vote Yes and trust this does not damage a friendship of more than 20 years duration.  My explanation that much harm has been caused to our indigenous people was overruled by the claim that “they will make demands” – as well they might, but as our past and present Federal governments choose to ignore often majority demands, should we really believe that any indigenous demands will be successful?   

The No campaign’s complaint that the government won’t reveal key details before the vote, would be better focused on asking the percentage of those receiving the Referendum Booklet if they have actually read it and if so, to voice their opinions.   

However, the Yes campaign has struck gold in acquiring permission from John Farnham to use his iconic anthem as the backing to their video featuring the many positive achievements of campaigns waged through the years by both Labor and Liberal governments, campaigns which have united Australians as it is hoped will be the case with this one.   

Linese Norrish, 

Coolum Beach.  



Dear editor, 

Robyn Deane (letters 23/8) invokes the feel-good vibe from Thomas Mayo from the Referendum Working Group who says “Take your fellow Australians by the hand and let us walk together into the sunlight, so future generations may bloom”. 

It may therefore be worthwhile, so we have some balance, to hear some more of Mr Mayo’s utterances like “This is the first step, it’s a vital step and it puts all the explanation behind it. “Pay the Rent” for example, how do we do that in a way that is transparent and that actually sees reparations and compensation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people…”. And if anyone thought for a moment that the Voice will not entrench racism in our Constitution let’s hear from Mr Mayo again. “There is nothing that we can do that is more powerful than building a first nations voice, a black institution, a black political force to be reckoned with”. 

There is much more concerning language from Mr Mayo and it is entirely based on the language of victimhood, blame and grievance. 

Time and again Mr Mayo thanks “communist elders” for guiding him. No one knows who these communist elders are – one thing is certain however, Mr Mayo is not the warm fuzzy person Robyn paints him to be. 

Peter Bayliss, 

Peregian Springs.  



Dear editor, 

Ted O’Brien MP has billboards which say that he will put the Sunshine Coast first. 

As the LNP’s Shadow Energy Minister he is pushing for Small Modular Reactor nuclear power plants. 

Will Mr O’Brien put the Sunshine Coast first on the list for a SMR in our backyard? 

Ray Marx, 

Bli Bli.  



Dear editor,  

In a straightforward response to Gemma Wills letter in the Aug 23/Sept 5 edition I would like to say no let’s not try another way, let’s find out why the existing way is not working. No doubt the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Linda Burney would be so kind – if she was able – to enlighten us the taxpayers as to what happens to the $30 plus billions her department gets every year. Just ask the Minister and I bet you London to a brick you won’t get a straight answer. No answers No details No vote. 

John Bennion, 

Peregian Springs.   



Dear editor, 

The nationalistic sentiments expressed by poet, Dorothea Mackellar in 1908, in her poem, ‘My Country’, echoes those of all Australians who claim this country as their own. The love of country is universal among residents who call Australia home, welcomed for the past 250 years to settle here as citizens. 

An exclusive claim on country by a minority regarding all other Australians as strangers or invaders, needing to be welcomed, is an affront to those Australian families and individuals settled in Australia in the past. Like Peter Allen, singer of, ‘I Still Call Australia Home’, and for many Australian repats who travel internationally, their love of our country is endemic. We never need to be welcomed to our home country.  

We have all contributed to what it means to be an Aussie. We all talk with a unique accent. The Seekers sang, “We are one, but we are many,” emphasising that all kinds of cultures and ethnicities live here permanently, but are unified as the one demographic called, Australians. Australia is home to Australians, recognised overseas as unique and united, regardless of origin. There is no, them and us, as in many nations. Any hint of division is itself, elitism. 

The Welcome to Country ceremony, politically motivated, costing taxpayers for each performance at major events, is divisive and a new creation this past decade.  If we are all Australians, and, as Dorothea Mackellar has expressed in her poem, (originally called – Core of My Heart) having a deep, heartfelt love of our country, these ceremonies are totally against the ethos of a united people called ‘Australians’. It politically exploits the fear that, promoting any opposition to such, is racist”.  

E. Rowe, 



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