Community groups waiting on legal advice to appeal Yaroomba development

Vanessa Bacon-Hall 

BOTH Development Watch and Sunshine Coast Environment Council are waiting on the advice of their legal team as to whether they should appeal the decision handed down by Her Honour Judge Nicole Kefford in early June which approved the Yaroomba Beach development. 

From that decision on June 8, the two community groups acting as appellants in the legal proceedings have 30 business days to appeal, taking this decision to July 20.

A Development Watch (DW) spokesperson stated that they would take the advice given to them by their legal team and will appeal if that is advised. 

“We realised that there could be other errors in the new Judgment and after reading the previous Supreme Court Judgment where it was determined the Planning and Environment (P&E) Court Judge had made three errors in law, DW thought there was no way the P&E Court Judge could approve the development.” 

DW believes that the recent approval does not listen to the community, and they do not understand this. 

“Her Honour has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure an approval was forthcoming… at the end of the day if seven-storey buildings are approved for Yaroomba there will be implications for all surrounding areas including Coolum and of course the Palmer Coolum Resort.  It could also result in increased building heights for Coolum and surrounds in the new Planning Scheme.”

Since the recent decision and judgement was handed down there has been vocal support for the appellants and dismay at the decision to allow a development that will go against the existing town plan to be given the green light. 

Local ALP members stated their dissatisfaction directly after the announcement. 

“Melinda Dodds Spokesperson for the ALP Ninderry, John Munden Spokesperson for the ALP Buderim and Trent Howard President of the ALP Maroochydore join with community members across the Sunshine Coast to voice their disappointment at the decision of the Planning and Appeals Court to uphold the Sekisui Development at Yaroomba.

1 thought on “Community groups waiting on legal advice to appeal Yaroomba development

  1. Lee Farrah

    Why doesn’t Development Watch stop wasting every ones time, and progress in Coolum. We all are aware of your green Marxist agendas.Just look at what you have stopped in Coolum in recent years You should all hold your heads in shame, but then again never be surprised at what a green is capable of. Please go and live somewhere else preferably in the remote outback.


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