A career as a police officer on offer with great incentives

A RAFT of new incentives has been announced to encourage more people to consider a career with the Queensland Police Service. 

New recruits will receive a cost-of-living allowance of $183 per fortnight and all accommodation costs at police academies for live-in recruits will be waived, saving around $200 per week. 

The new allowance will boost a recruit’s wage to the equivalent of $52,000 per annum – among the highest in the nation. 

To help attract further recruits, all application and pre-selection tests will be waived, saving applicants up to $972. 

The cost-of-living allowance and the Police Academy accommodation waiver will boost the take-home pay of live-in recruits undergoing training by hundreds of dollars every week. 
The Queensland Police Service will also pay $20,000 towards the relocation costs of interstate and overseas applicants who are serving or recently served police officers. 
Additionally, up to 400 successful police recruit graduates who hold a tertiary degree (Bachelor or above) in areas such as psychology, criminology, social work (or equivalent), counselling or other human service-related fields will be eligible to receive up to $20,000 paid off their HECS debt. 

Upon graduation from the Police Academies, recruits will be sworn in as First Year Constables and receive a remuneration package which is considered to be one of the best in the nation. 

Incentives for new police recruits 
• No application fees (including ACER testing and physical tests) 
• Extra $183 fortnightly cost of living allowance – boosting training salary to $52,000 per annum 
• Free accommodation for recruits living at police academies 
• Up to $20,000 paid on select Higher Education debts 
• Up to $20,000 paid towards the cost of relocation for police from other jurisdictions. 

Police officers aren’t born, they’re made, with every challenge or adversity overcome, and their personal values, helping to shape them into great officers who can make a real difference. 

There is no better time to join the QPS. Please visit PoliceRecruit.com.au to check your eligibility today. 

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