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Dear editor, 

According to Warren Bordas, the threat has been from alien forces to our sovereign borders for the past 10 years. How have our borders been defended and protected from these alien forces of frequent, severe, supercyclones, violent storms, and rising sea levels? Just asking. 

Margaret Wilkie, 

Peregian Beach. 



Dear editor,  

Apparently the 2032 Olympics are for everyone, according to the Premier. Not quite Premier!  

Not for the homeless – the waiting list is historically high for public housing. Not for the renters with rental stress, in a competitive market of less than one per cent vacancy. Not for homeowners with mortgage stress, facing escalating interest rate rises. Not for householders struggling with energy and food bills and not for all those who are impacted by the cost of living. 

Maybe the Olympics are for politicians who think taxpayers’ money is theirs to exploit with impunity.   

They act like it is their mandate to spend and borrow, creating a generational deficit our great-grandchildren will be paying. 

Billions are yet to materialise, to fund the planned projects still needed for Olympic infrastructure. 

No one has really explained exactly how much it will eventually cost and the halls of Parliament are silent. The feedback is – ‘All systems go!’ regardless of setbacks and hidden costs. No one can predict the blown-out costs of an event in nine years.  

How many public housing projects could be a reality for the billions spent, and predicted to be spent, on this ‘Pie in the sky!?’ 

A legacy for the Premier would be to provide housing for her most vulnerable constituents – a far more worthy gesture. But is this about Queenslanders and the responsibility of our government to work in the best interests of all Queenslanders. 

E. Rowe, 




Dear editor, 

The successful passing of the Albanese government’s Safeguard Mechanism Bill is another step in the right direction in the battle against climate change after too many years of inertia. It has been welcomed by many environment groups and business groups such as the Business Council of Australia and the Australian Industry Group. 

Unfortunately, the Liberal National Coalition voted against it, proving once again they are on the wrong side of history and not seriously interested in action to address global warming and de-carbonise our economy. 

Indeed, our local LNP member, Ted O’Brien has spoken against it calling it a ‘carbon tax on prosperity’. Does Mr O’Brien really wish to leave a legacy of a planet increasingly becoming uninhabitable for his children and grandchildren?  

Business and industry groups know we must transition to cleaner energy sources for the sake of the planet. There is no planet B. 

Robyn Deane,  

Bli Bli  



Dear editor,  

Peter Bayliss of Peregian Springs (Advertiser, April 4) has addressed the premise for the shortfall in infrastructure and services on the Sunshine Coast. The rail upgrade which we were promised – cancelled and the health system is in crisis. The Sunshine Coast is a coalition region. We are not a Labor seat and are vilified and ignored. Our state representative for Maroochydore Fiona Simpson, and Federal member for Fairfax Ted O’Brien, both work tirelessly for their Sunshine Coast constituents.  

When it come to the billions spent on a Cross-River Rail system – tunnelling under the Brisbane River, to establish more local train stations already serviced by excellent bus services, our state Labor Government is adamant, despite running out of money for the project. Caught red-handed, they have given no specific dollar amount to finish the project we had to have, according to a government that continues to borrow, to pay for their far-fetched projects. The budget is already blown out of proportion, but they soldier on, not admitting defeat. Taxpayers live also on the Sunshine Coast.  

While the homeless continue to live on our streets, while families continue to live in tents and cars, while the Gold Coast has every modern service (including a fast train to Brisbane) and while Brisbane is Labor’s focus for 2032, the Sunshine Coast still waits for a decent, fast rail system to cater for an explosion of residents needing reasonable transport access to Brisbane. Our highway network can’t cope, and the trains are too slow. The inadequate rail to Nambour is again the victim of tunnel vision. It’s clear the Sunshine Coast has no future involvement in the 2032 Games. We appear to be left floundering on coalition Island, on a Labor Sea. 

E. Rowe, 



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