Time running out for e-scooter users to abide by road rules

THE MESSAGE is being delivered loud and clear – if you use an e-scooter or any other Personal Mobility Device (PMD) and don’t use it within the road rules set out then you will be fined and potentially could end up in a serious accident as was the case last week when two teenagers were seriously injured following a collision.  

The collision last week involved two 13-year-old teenagers riding an e-scooter that collided with a motor vehicle in Alexandra Headland at 7.15pm.  

The driver of the vehicle and multiple bystanders stopped to render immediate first aid to the teenagers ahead of the emergency response, however, both sustained critical injuries. 

The boy was flown from the scene to the Queensland Children’s Hospital in Brisbane and the girl was transported by road to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. 

The driver of the vehicle, a 34-year-old Mooloolaba woman was not physically injured. 

Late last year new rules for mobility devices including e-scooters came into effect with hundreds of riders fined since the new rules came into place.  

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said preliminary data revealed 780 infringement notices had been issued between November 1 and December 31, 2022. 

“It’s critical people understand and follow these new rules to ensure they keep themselves, and those around them safe when riding these devices,” Mr Bailey said. 

“E-scooters and other personal mobility devices are a convenient way to travel and are great for the environment and our tourism sector, but unfortunately, we continue to see some people do the wrong thing.” 

Since the new rules began, almost 800 Queenslanders and tourists have been fined for offences including carrying passengers, speeding, and failing to wear a helmet. 

Mr Bailey said there would be more changes announced this year specifically on drink riding. 

“Significant consultation with stakeholders from the PMD industry, health sector and all types of path and road users, disability advocates, local councils, RACQ and Police was conducted in developing these rules – the most comprehensive in Australia,” Mr Bailey said. 

“A lot of work has gone into making sure these rules are best practice for the safety of both the rider and other path and road users around them.” 

The Minister further went on to say that the rules are not “rocket science”.  

“They’re not hard to follow. But they will make a big difference to everyone’s safety and whether you own or hire an e-scooter, e-skateboard, or other personal mobility device, I encourage you to jump on the Streetsmarts Qld website to check out the rules to ensure you and others around you stay safe, and to avoid potential fines.” 

Queensland Police Service (QPS) North Brisbane Highway Patrol Senior Constable Duncan Hill said the community response to PMD safety enforcement had been overwhelmingly positive. 

“Most PMD riders are understanding and happy to oblige with the new rules for their own safety and that of the community, without the need for infringements,” Senior Constable Hill said. 

“QPS will continue to be out across the state educating riders and taking enforcement action when necessary.” 


  • Speed limit: 12km/h on footpaths and shared paths, unless otherwise signed. 25km/h limit on all other infrastructure, including bike infrastructure and local streets. 
  • Know where you can ride – on footpaths, shared paths, bike paths and local 50km/h streets with no road markings and on-road bike lanes only where the speed limit is 50km/h or less. 
  • Always wear a helmet – fastened 
  • No doubling (passengers not allowed) 
  • No hand-held phone use while riding 
  • No riders under 12 years of age, and those aged 12-15 must be supervised. 
  • Don’t drink and ride 
  • General road rules apply – same as for bikes 


  • Exceed speed limit by: 1-13km/h = $143, 14-20km/h = $215, 20-30km/h = $359, more than 30km/h = $575 
  • Fines for most offences align with bikes (helmets $143, doubling $143) 
  • Mobile phone use = $1078 
  • Drink riding = $431 
  • Use on a prohibited road = $173 

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