THE WAIT is finally over with Queensland’s Year 12 class of 2022 jumping online last Friday morning December 16 to find out their ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) result and for three Coolum State High School students dreams became reality when they learned that they had received ATAR scores above the magical 99 mark, placing them in the highest ranking of students in the state. 

Education Minister Grace Grace met some of the top-scoring students last week and congratulated all 51,240 Year 12 graduates on their impressive achievements despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

“Congratulations to our amazing and resilient school graduates, 94 per cent of whom have achieved a QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education) or a QCIA (Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement),” Ms Grace said.

“Of these students, 27,245 also received an ATAR with 33 achieving the highest possible result of 99.95 after studying a combination of 13 different subjects including Mathematical Methods, English, Engineering, Physics and Languages.

“We celebrate the success not only of these students but also all the quiet achievers who have excelled beyond expectations, whatever their results may be.

“We also celebrate the success of our education system as a whole.

“I’d like to congratulate the teachers, principals, school staff, families and carers who have worked so hard to support all of the Year 12s on their learning journey.”

The three standout students from Coolum High School included School dux, Cooper Hinton who scored an amazing 99.50 and hopes to become a neurosurgeon.  Jemima Bainbridge who, during year 12, received a Peter Doherty Award as one of the leading indigenous students in Queensland, scored a remarkable 99.25 and Colm Dancer also topped the scale with an exceptional 99.15 due to his hard work, commitment, and intelligence.

Principal Troy Ascott stated that these outstanding students following on from 2021 dux, Kai Weith, who scored a phenomenal 99.90 in showcasing the talent of students in our community.

“The school’s highest performers were not alone, with almost 25 per cent of eligible students receiving an ATAR score above 90.

“Results like these are not achieved in isolation and reflect the knowledge and dedication of the staff at Coolum State High School who go over and above for students in facilitating Saturday tutorials, and after and before school tutorials, on an unpaid basis.”

Mr Ascott further went on to state that the school aims to create an environment in which all students can live a life of choice and not one of chance. 

“That three of Coolum High’s 134 graduating students were able to score above 99 is truly remarkable.”

Coolum High is putting its continued success down to sheer hard work from both the students and the dedicated teaching staff who foster an environment that allows them to succeed.

“The senior schooling team at Coolum High are exceptional at what they do,” Mr Ascott said.

“They have remarkable tracking, monitoring and mentoring systems that support students in understanding what they need to do at each stage of their journey.

“The senior team track student outcomes and discusses these at weekly meetings.  Each student has a mentor who forms relationships with them and provides invaluable encouragement and advice along the way.”

“Cooper, Jemima and Colm made excellent use of the support around them and have been a delight to work with and added to this, is the whole group celebrates each other’s success and creates a very positive environment.”

The local state high school also has fostered a strong partnership with the University of the Sunshine Coast with 47 students receiving early offers to study, offers which were made before the release of the ATAR scores.

“This launches careers and I can’t thank all of our tertiary education and industry partners enough for their support.”

Mr Ascott also commented on the remarkable teachers that work with the senior students.

“These are some of the best teachers in Queensland,” Mr Ascott said. 

“I have worked in a lot of schools across the state, and I know that you won’t find better teachers than the ones who are working with our senior students.  They are totally selfless in their dedication to their students.”

Coolum High has also been bold in its subject offerings, with students able to undertake studies in Aerospace, Psychology, Music Extension, and English and Literature Extension. 

“These subjects can help give students the edge,” Mr Ascott continued. 

“They are challenging subjects for motivated students, and we are very fortunate to have staff trained to deliver them.”

Minister Grace said Queensland secondary schooling gave students the skills to help follow their education and career goals, whatever they may be.

“Our Next Step Survey shows that more than 90 per cent of students who graduated in 2021 are now in further education, training, or employment – the highest rate in more than 10 years.”

The Advertiser we would like to wish all students who are part of the ‘class of 2022’ the very best for their future.

Fast facts – Class of 2022

*51,240 students graduated (received a Senior Education Profile)

*46,989 students (92%) achieved a Queensland Certificate of Education

*1,111 students received Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement

*27,245 students received an ATAR

*33 students received the top ATAR rank of 99.95

*1,314 students will receive a Certificate of Academic Commendation for ‘A’ grades in at least six General subjects

*406 students will receive a Subject Achievement Commendation for the highest result in at least one General subject or General (Extension) subject

*33,773 students achieved a VET Certificate I, II, III or IV qualification 

*1,278 students studied a university subject while still at school

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