Business Showcase: Exit Planning with Unique Funerals

TALKING about death can be uncomfortable in our society, however, it is an unavoidable subject, and one that if left unaddressed, can leave a real mess for those left behind when you pass. So why not take the time now to have a conversation about what your ‘Exit Plan’ is?

Having this conversation which involves what your wishes are can take place at any time in your life, and it will be appreciated by your loved ones and helping you at this time is ‘Unique Funerals’.

Besides arranging customised farewells, Belinda from Unique Funerals also offers a service whereby she can come to your home, sit down, and collate all the important information about your life into one comprehensive guide as a helpful tool for loved ones.

Belinda refers to this as ‘Exit Planning’.  

“I believe that organising all these details now, when we are still here and completely mentally present, can save our loved ones a lot of potential stress at a time when they will be grieving.”

Belinda poses the following questions for families and individuals to consider.  

“If something were to happen unexpectedly to you, would your loved ones know who to call? Do they know your wishes, or where to find passwords, insurance details and important paperwork?

“Would they know what arrangements are to be made for your beloved pet, or if you have specific music and photos which you would like to be used at your service?”

Belinda can help you organise and collate all the important details of your life into one comprehensive guide to give peace of mind for those who will be attending to your wishes once you have passed.

This is not meant to be a macabre or somber discussion, rather one about having the foresight to care for your family and loved ones.

“Taking action now can spare your loved ones from the stress of having to search for information or guess at the things that are important to you at a time when they will also be dealing with their grief.”

Belinda is happy to work with people at all stages in their life and can also help with collating personal memories.

“We can also assist with decluttering and sorting any memories which may be collecting dust, as well as any other support you may need.”

You can contact Belinda on 0404 040 831 or email to enquire or book an appointment.

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