Letters to the editor 08/06/22

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Dear editor, 

In 2017 business profits were up 20% and wages were down 5%. No wages growth in that record profits boom- same now in 2022.  Was the 2017 ‘trickle down’ economics just some drip’s imagination or will it start gushing now? Just asking. 

Margaret Wilkie, 

Peregian Beach. 



Dear editor, 

During the last ten years of Her Majesty’s Platinum reign, one of our own countrymen has been incarcerated under the British “justice” system – a fact that has not disturbed Queen Elizabeth, I am sure.  

But it disturbs me and thousands of Julian Assange supporters who have been fighting for his release from solitary confinement in Belmarsh Prison and to prevent his extradition into the clutches of the USA, to serve 175 years for his exposure of their criminal behaviour.  One such act remains in my memory, and I have viewed several times the US helicopter pilots laughing and joking as they fired upon, and killed, several Reuters journalists/photographers and a man who tried to help them.  This video was made available to Assange by a then military person who quite rightly was ashamed of what was being conducted in his name, and that of the American people.   To my knowledge, that person was Chelsea Manning, subsequently imprisoned for his/now her…action. 

A free, uninhibited and courageous press is essential to a functioning democracy, as recognised by President Barack Obama who declined to indict Assange for publishing secret government documents. However, in 2019 the Trump administration overruled this, and President Biden has chosen to follow the Trump path by vigorously pursuing the extradition of our countryman.    

I have written to PM Albanese, questioning our subservience to the UK and USA – are we not an independent nation?  It would seem to me that we are not, and I asked how we can allow Assange to be extradited to a country where an 18-year-old can purchase two military assault rifles and slaughter 19 children and two teachers?  Enough is enough, and the Statesmanlike qualities displayed so early in the leadership of our new Prime Minister will hopefully result in freedom for Assange and journalists willing to pursue truth and justice. 

Linese Norrish, 

Coolum Beach.  

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