Letters to the editor 20/04/22

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Dear editor,

At a recent forum about aged care, addressed by nurses who work in the sector, they acknowledged that it may take many years before aged care standards were as they should be due to staffing and other issues.

So, in response to Linese Norrish’s letter (Coolum Advertiser 13 April), yes, if Labor becomes the government, they may struggle to find the nurses required, however at least they are committed to making a start.

As part of their securing jobs policies, Labor has plans for funding an extra 20,000 university places and access to 465,000 free TAFE places in areas of need such as aged care, nursing and community services, disability care and childcare.

Labor has a five-point plan addressing the aged care sector’s problems as recommended by the Royal Commission. Increasing those skilled in the areas of need will go a long way to improving the quality of life for so many.

Robyn Deane,

Bli Bli.



Dear editor,

You can lead a people to vote but you can’t make them think. How good’s Australia?

Margaret Wilkie,

Peregian Beach.



Dear editor,

Any opposition to Putin’s attacks on Ukraine with Russian sanctions and losses is now an impetus for Russia’s plan ‘B’ to be implemented. He is like “a dog with a bone”!

Putin has the gall to tell Ukraine’s supporters to lay down their arms, surrender – dictating to the West to stop providing weapons to Ukraine. Ramping up attacks on Ukraine’s capital and warning Western powers to back off, he isn’t getting the result he anticipated. 

He has suffered humiliation. After losing the pride of the Russian fleet, and failing to intimidate the opposition in Mariupol to surrender, he is threatening more severe attacks, considering the weapons which ensured Syria’s demise. Nuclear and chemical attacks are imminent.

It all impacts on the world, with supply shortages and high prices globally. While Putin will not back down or off, peace talk dialogue is not in his best interests. He demands Ukraine capitulate, without concessions. The pure evil he is inflicting shows no mercy. The world waits as Ukraine is annihilated.

How long this war lasts, is determined not by Putin, but by a more targeted Western intervention and the success of the Ukrainian military. Putin has Belarus and Crimean forces to supplement losses to his manpower. He is a narcissist who will not accept the defeat of his murderous intentions. 

E. Rowe,


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