Eyesight restored makes for perfect wave shots

Photo: Mike Drinkwater

In a follow up to a story we brought you at the start of the year we are pleased to inform you that local photographer and cartoonist Mike Drinkwater who was in desperate need of cataract surgery has had his surgery and is now back to taking amazing photos such as this one of local surfer Kirra Green, shot from his regular vantage at Point Arkwright on March 9. Mike went legally blind quickly and a call-out was made to the community via GoFundMe for Mike’s surgery which was costly, and thankfully the community came to the party with Mike stating that he was completely blown away by the support. “Enough money had been raised for one eye and I was happy with that and then somehow the National Cartoonist Society, which is an American group, they came across my story and then the next day there was an extra $3,000 dollars in the fund,” Mike said. “I was just in shock for two days and I realised the magnitude and generosity and it allowed me to get both eyes done.” Mike had his surgery just before the floods and was off shooting at his ‘regular’ the next weekend. “I didn’t realise how blind I was and now I think I have the best eyesight on the Sunshine Coast, and I can’t thank everyone enough for helping me out.” You can see more of Mike’s photography and cartoonist work at http://drinky.weebly.com

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