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Dear editor,

Despite recommendations from its own Retirement Income Review, the Morrison government rejected a plan to address the gender superannuation gap. The news that the policy would be abandoned was revealed on International Women’s Day. This in the same week, that the Prime Minister’s Office released the new phallic logo (the good ol’ cock and balls) that is supposed to represent the Women’s Network.  

The contempt shown by just these two small examples is indicative of the mentality of the rich old white guys running this country. It’s time for serious change.

Margot Lloyd,

Coolum Beach.



Dear editor,

Remember the last election campaign when the Liberals accused Labor of a false Medicare scare campaign? Since their re-election though the LNP have been stealthily chipping away at Medicare and we now have to pay for medical services which were once covered.

The latest to come to my knowledge is Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (PENS). My husband, a war veteran with a gold card, suffers from peripheral neuropathy in his lower legs and has over many years tried different medications and treatments without success until a pain management specialist treated him with PENS.

At last, he had relief from pain. Before he couldn’t bear the weight of sheets or even the airflow of a fan on his legs at night. However, the PENS treatment only lasts for a few months and needs repeating. Recently he went back to the specialist to be told that Medicare no longer covers PENS and neither does Veterans Affairs.

He is rightly upset by this as the pain is starting to interfere with his sleep again. It is so unfair as PENS was the only thing that gave him relief.  It is estimated that up to a third of peripheral neuropathy sufferers are unable to get relief from pain medications alone.

The Liberal-National Coalition has never liked the Labor initiated Medicare scheme. We will remember this cut and others to Medicare when we vote and hope others will too.

Robyn Deane,

Bli Bli.



Dear editor,

The Federal Government’s $100 million Domestic Violence Fund package, is yet another attempt to be seen to be doing “something”. Like with all social problems, money alone cannot hope to eliminate this plague, killing one woman each week. 

Even in the third millennium, it will never be eradicated while gender inequality persists. Relationship violence, an apt term for abuse of another, affects more than just two. It has repercussions for children and other victims by association. 

Gender pay gaps and the cultural disempowerment of women are historically evident even at the highest national level. From1788, our indigenous women and children have suffered inequality and violence to an even greater degree, at the hands of those in charge. It is often masked and hidden behind closed doors. 

It is a historical scourge destroying our children’s future, robbing our nation of its full potential, exacerbated by gender power imbalance. It permeates all levels of our society, not discriminating between class or socio-economic status. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

On the whole, it is a male problem. Too long have men, the main perpetrators of violence, been protected by weak laws and accepted cultural norms around abuse of the vulnerable. It is all about power and control. It leaves victims at the mercy of their attackers and an impotent justice system without remedy. Denial is a river in Egypt.

E. Rowe,




Dear editor,

It has been heartening to see Ted O’Brien and Dan Purdie spending time and having their photographs taken at our terrific public schools recently. I understand very well just how good these local state schools are, having one child at primary school and one at high school. These schools are full of dedicated teachers and support staff who go above and beyond every single day. The Coolum State School motto is ‘Community, Strength, Success’ which is embodied in the behaviour of the students and their academic and sporting outcomes. I see this every day and it makes me proud to be part of this community. I’m not entirely sure what personal involvement our LNP members have had with public education but their smiles on Facebook look very enthusiastic. Which is why I am looking forward to them speaking up in support of our hard-working public school teachers, ensuring that schools are funded fairly, and making sure that all Australian students have equal access to world-class education. The Federal acting Education minister Stuart Robert has made his feelings clear with his derogatory statements about public school teachers, what do our LNP members have to say?

Melinda Dodds,

Mount Coolum.



Dear editor,

I just wanted to share that each week I and my husband talk about and look forward to hearing Frances’ column about Coolum history! 

Thank you so much for her contribution in reminding us of our past, to help bring perspective to our current and inform informing our future! It is a treasure for us and our kids.

Naomi Bailey, 

Coolum Beach.  


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