Letters to the editor 19/01/22

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Dear editor,

Every 10 minutes an Australian suffers a heart attack. Sadly, many do not survive with 48 Australians dying every single day from heart disease – someone’s family member, wife, husband, or special friend that means the world to them. Given that heart disease is our biggest killer, it would be impossible for all Australian communities to not be impacted in some way. 

The simple fact is that there is still so much for us to learn about heart disease and research saves lives. Heart Research Australia aims to reduce the devastating impact heart disease has on families and the community by supporting world-class and emerging researchers to conduct groundbreaking research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.

That’s why this February we invite all Australians to get involved with REDFEB, heart health awareness month, to raise much-needed funds for ground-breaking research into heart disease. Getting involved is as simple as wearing red and donating to Heart Research Australia during the month of February. For more information or to donate, please visit www.heartresearch.com.au

On behalf of the thousands of Australians impacted by heart disease every year, thank you for your support.

Nicci Dent,

CEO, Heart Research Australia. 



Dear editor,

The Serbian president’s criticism of Australia’s deportation of the unvaccinated Djokovoc as a “witch hunt”, after two weeks of deliberation, is uncalled for and shows a lack of respect for Australia’s sovereign rights at the border.

Novak may be a god in his own country, with hero worship and special privileges not afforded to the common people, but in Australia, he is just another international, who needs to be double vaccinated to enter here. That’s the same condition for everyone entering at our border. 

His own family, who’ve benefitted from his international success and status, were claiming he was being tortured in hotel detention, where refugees have been held for nine years. It has been revealed he did not play by his own nation’s rules of isolation, mandated for those with Covid, prior to entry here. They played this down, ignoring his invalid entry documentation he dismissed as ‘human error’.

Australia has reached the almost 90% fully vaccinated status at great cost. We watched the circus unfold in the media with great angst, knowing Djokovic was using international pressure and Serbian politics to get over the line. He is not vaccinated. He can’t choose the consequence. The ‘Number One’ star has double-faulted!

E. Rowe,




Dear editor,

Who is “taking wickets (hit for 6?) from the Virus”? Are their cricket bats ready? Who will “ride the wave”, “push through”, face a wipe-out then be dumped? Scoreboard: Virus = 2672 deaths. Who has a sporting chance? Oi! Oi! OI!?

Margaret Wilkie,

Peregian Beach.



Dear editor,

A couple of months ago while walking my small terrier, we were approached by a larger dog which is usually in its yard. At first, all was fine but then it suddenly turned on my dog and bit her. Luckily the owner was close by and intervened and some passers-by helped. No harm was done apart from the trauma. Since I reported the incident to my local councillor Marie Suarez, I have been informed that the dog would now be regarded as a regulated dog. 

The announcement by Minister Mark Furner (Coolum Advertiser 14.01.2022) about distinctive collars for dangerous and menacing regulated dogs was very good news. I no longer walk in the street where that dog lives but feel a little reassured that others now know to be wary should they see a dog wearing the distinctive red and yellow striped collars.

Perhaps there should be a public education campaign about the collars and to encourage parents to tell their children to stay well away from dogs wearing the bright red and yellow collars.

Robyn Deane,

Bli Bli.


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