Letters to the editor 12/01/2022

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Dear editor,

We don’t think, we know that first arrival was ‘Ruby Princess’ with Covid19, then Delta, now Omicron but Good Guv’mint still doesn’t give a RATs. 

Margaret Wilkie,

Peregian Beach.



Dear editor,

At the same time as the AMA, many health experts and the opposition are calling on the Morrison government to supply Rapid Antigen Test kits free to everyone, they announce a $3.5 billion purchase of tanks for the ADF. Tanks are slow to deploy and only useful if we are attacked by an enemy on land. 

Aren’t the $90 billion plus nuclear submarines supposed to stop such an invasion?

Shouldn’t their priorities be protecting the health and welfare of our nation?

Without RAT kits available many workers are not able to return to work. Many businesses are closed, and we are heading for an economic downturn bigger than under lockdowns as more people get sick with COVID.

The COVID PCR test costs between $50 to $85 and are provided free at present. The RAT cost about $5 each wholesale. Other nations such as the UK are posting them out free to everyone.

Our taxes would be paying for them, like the PCR, so they are not “free” Mr Morrison.

Robyn Deane,

Bli Bli.  



Dear editor,

One thing learnt from the Covid pandemic, is the undeniable need for connection. The elderly and singles in particular, seriously impacted by isolation, find

loneliness unbearably challenging. Family and friends are at the heart of well-being.

The Australian Men’s Shed movement provides social connections, friendship and a sense of usefulness, combating loneliness for men from all demographics and walks of life. Learning from and supporting each other makes a difference, contributing to national health.

Following the success and benefits over 20 years, of the Men’s Shed, it is the National Women’s Shed now in focus, after great Australia-wide interest. The Coolum Women’s Shed President, Nell Harvey, has been the recipient of a Federal Government grant of $3,750, to purchase tools to train women, courtesy of our Fairfax Federal Member, Ted O’Brien.

Many women living alone, to maintain their properties, need skills normally defined as men’s work, or which trades-people provide at some cost. Women in World War Two, displayed courage and willingness to train in new skilled work, while their men were at war. They “kept the home fires burning”!

In our third millennium society, women now can use their abilities and talents, in taking on “men’s work”! The tools which don’t discriminate, provided by this generous government grant, has made this a reality. It takes training and support to try something new and challenging. In concert with Coolum Men’s Shed, this is now viable.

Many women, some living alone, have shown the Australian adage of “having a go” with something new, contributes to self-esteem and inter-connectedness. It can only build a stronger nation and contribute to our overall mental health. ” We are all part of the continent.” (John Donne)

E. Rowe,



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