Letters to the editor 24/11/21

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Dear editor,

The Prime Minister may want more can-do capitalism and less government telling us what to do, but where would that have gotten us this past twenty months?

If the State Premiers and Territory leaders hadn’t stepped up when they did there would be a lot fewer people around to enjoy the freedoms coming our way as vaccination rates improve.

Of course, if Mr Morrison had secured vaccine supplies earlier, and accepted the Federal Government’s responsibility for quarantine, COVID19 would not have had as much impact and there would have been fewer lockdowns and less impact on our economy.

Our State Government listened to the health advice and kept us safe, sadly seven people died from the deadly coronavirus. It could have been far worse, but Queenslanders listened to the health directives, and we are getting through this pandemic together, that is freedom.

Robyn Deane,

Bli Bli.


Go-card hypocrisy

Dear editor,

The Sunshine Coast public transport “ride for free” culture, exacerbated by school holidays and weekends, is condoned by Sunbus, Translink and our State Government. It is theft, endorsed by apathy.

Go-card users, all two million of them in Queensland, are subject to fines. Any indiscretion or inattention in touching on or off with their cards, is subject immediately to a significant fine, with credit automatically extracted from existing card credit. This could be $2.50 or $5 for concession cardholders, including seniors, or $5 or $10 for adults.

There is no comeback or mercy for the guilty. The winners are the State Government and phone companies. Translink has no 1800 free call for complaints. To retrieve the lost credit, if you are even aware, takes a lengthy phone call, jumping through all the Translink hoops and delays. 

But, of course, in our society, recalcitrants have and demand their rights, without fear of a fine for free travel, with no regular inspectors monitoring our public transport here, it’s a warning at best. It is theft with impunity as their right is condoned by the system – fortune favours the bold!

E. Rowe,




Dear editor,

In the chook pen, Top Cocks were unruffled by heat-stressed Hens producing hard-boiled eggs causing a deficit of viable nest eggs. Top Cocks actioned bird-brained Bantams, running in circles with wings flapping to cool the pen while Top Cocks got cockeyed on henbane. Unbeflappinglieveable!

Margaret Wilkie,

Peregian Beach.


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