Letters to the editor 28/10/21

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Dear editor,

As government debt spirals towards a trillion dollars, we need to trust our government to spend our taxpayers’ money wisely for the greater good. 

Recent revelations about the Building Better Regions Fund have raised many questions. Some were obviously deserving projects. But why fund a dog fence to benefit private pastoral stations to the tune of $2,250,000?

Closer to home we have a grant of $497,000 to help build an all-weather pickle-ball facility at Sunshine Beach. But, as I understand it, nothing for the Marcoola Surf Club for their expansion project.

While we remain an LNP stronghold, we will always be taken for granted. Our share of the pork-barrelling largesse will also be less.

However, it is our money, not the LNP’s to retain their grasp on power by vote-buying in such shameless fashion. Or, as someone else said, “Exposure will not weary them, nor shame condemn.”

Robyn Deane.

Bli Bli.



Dear editor,

After researching online, for local businesses willing to assist commuters with Go-card purchases and credit, it is obvious Translink information is out of date. The dilemma is, regional areas in particular, are abandoned by Translink, for a lack of current, convenient local Go-card service centres.

What doesn’t help, is the persistent reduction in places where commuters up and down our coast, can appropriate convenient Go-card services. Finding local places for Go-card services on the Sunshine Coast is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Those outside the CBD, have even less chance to purchase or top-up. The railway stations to top up maybe a little too far for most.

Before Covid, drivers could top-up cards with cash on buses, or issue tickets. With Translink’s blessing, Sunbus insists on a cashless payment system, meaning it’s Go-card, paper ticket or nothing. Paper tickets are available only at machines at major depots. The hurdle is exploited by hundreds daily, who realise no Go-card or card credit, means a free ride at taxpayers’ expense. 

What is a difficult pill to swallow, is Go-card users continue to pay, while others travel free. There is no reward for honesty. This is theft with impunity, with the State Government’s consent. With shops and businesses accepting cash, it is irrational our public transport system still needs to be completely cashless! 

What kind of society are we creating, where the onus is on individual conscience, rather than all paying their way?

E. Rowe,



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