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Dear editor,

The Ninderry ALP Branch Light On The Hill Dinner held at the Coolum/Peregian RSL Club was indeed a memorable evening. The choice of venue fitted in with Labor’s core values of reaching out to and supporting local communities. You can’t get a more local and well-respected community group than the Returned Services League and they did themselves proud on the night and made it a very special occasion for the Ninderry ALP Branch and their very special guest, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Mr Rudd’s passion at present is seeking a Murdoch Royal Commission over very valid concerns about media diversity in Australia. We all need to be aware of those concerns and support our independent local media such as the Coolum Advertiser.

A robust democracy depends on transparency and accountability in the governance of local councils, state and federal. A diverse and independent media helps to ensure differing voices are heard.

Robyn Deane,

Bli Bli.



Dear editor,

Kevin Rudd referencing the utter bias imbalance and unfairness of our country’s media at the recent Ninderry Labor dinner is in my opinion absolutely correct and there certainly should be a Royal Commission addressing this situation.

I have personally ceased reading our main Queensland newspaper and am finding it difficult to find a replacement that delivers impartiality. The old adage “don’t let facts get in the way of a good story” appears to be the general criteria.

I have not been a Labor voter until recently and utterly praise Premier Palaszczuk and her entire team in keeping us Queenslanders safe in times where the Covid Pandemic is wreaking havoc elsewhere. Her reward for this is an almost daily lambasting from a media with a spiteful political agenda, which frankly is disgraceful.

Adrian Riches,



Dear editor,

It is extremely disappointing, but not surprising, to learn that our parliamentary representative Dan Purdie MP, was not one of the three LNP members of parliament who voted for the VAD Bill last week.   One of those courageous MP’s was Sam O’Connor, Shadow Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef and I quote:  “92% of my constituents support VAD” and I certainly hope those fortunate enough to live in his electorate will show their appreciation when election time comes around again.  

As a Ninderry constituent who took part in the survey to ascertain our support, or otherwise, of VAD; I demand my right to be informed of the result of this survey.  I cannot accept that the majority response was anti-VAD when nationwide polls have recorded 80% support but will take Dan’s word if he will make public, the results of his survey.  Excusing his lack of compassion for those suffering a terminal condition, with a pathetic advocacy for better palliative care, completely ignores the fact that it is not the wish of everyone in this situation to spend endless days/weeks/months being “cared for” when they prefer to make a dignified and pain-free exit, preferably in the company of friends and loved ones.  Comments on Dan’s Facebook page share my disappointment with our current parliamentary representative who seems more focused on roads and roundabouts than listening to the views of his constituents.

 Linese Norrish,

Coolum Beach.



Dear editor,

Steps are being taken to close two Sunshine Coast vaccination hubs and set up one major hub at Caloundra.

With Queenslanders running last on first and second vaccination numbers, setting up at Caloundra is a bridge too far to travel for some.

Making vaccinations conveniently accessible should be a priority. Politicians have no idea! Rather than provide drive-through vaccination centres near schools, shopping centres and chemists. People are more likely to decide for convenience when faced with the opportunity to take the jab.

The Sunshine Coast’s only available hub will force the willing to drive or bus from anything up to 60km, north of Caloundra. The one of two present centres, Nambour Hospital, is centrally placed along the length of the Coast. The Sunshine Coast Hospital vaccination centre is also central to any suburb further south. Who makes these decisions?

In Queensland, vaccination hesitancy is already a real barrier to the 70-80% target. In addition, the tyranny of distance will only exacerbate the hesitancy, simply through inconvenient positioning of the only hub for the whole Coast.

It is already challenging to many, to find the time or will to be vaccinated. What are they thinking? We are last in the race as it is! “Donut days” count for nothing, if the 70-80% target is not realistic.

E. Rowe,



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