Letters to the editor 26/08/21

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Dear editor,

Sunshine Coast Regional Council’s proposed expanded “garden waste” bin project, offered from 22July 2022, (Advertiser, 4.8) determines 83-4% of respondents want this service.  

When did all ratepayers receive this survey? It appears certain suburbs are given a voice, while ratepayers left out of the loop for whatever reason, have changes imposed, regardless.

What hasn’t been clarified, is the proposed extra bin cost. Two compulsory bins cost $158.40 half-yearly as it is. Add to that the proposed garden waste and food waste bin. This new bin, apparently, will reduce the “Government Waste Levy” for households, currently $114.90 half-yearly.

As it is, two compulsory bins suffice for most. Two-thirds of our rates are levies. To pay for extra bin services will only increase rates overall, those who opt out included. Any who live alone or in units, have no need for extra bins. 

It appears to be yet another “creative rates” project, purportedly environmentally concerned. In reality, it’s another scheme to pay for Council’s excessive spending on new premises and imminent 2032 Olympic preparations. 

Our rate early payment discount has been discounted from this rates period, while our rates increased. Rate reductions will only occur with a more efficiently run administration – not an expansion of services. 

E. Rowe,




Dear editor,

I must say I was surprised to hear from former Labor Member of Parliament Ray Barber in a recent Letter to the Editor. The next state election is more than three years away.

From one local lawyer to another, I can’t remember a time when so much money has been invested in our local community, as a direct result of the local MP’s work.

After one term, Dan has managed to secure funding for the duplication of the Sunshine Motorway and the Coolum roundabout, as well as over $20million for Coolum State High. Work is also underway on new multipurpose fields at the school, we’ve seen the new $2.8million police station open, and local groups have benefitted from more than $200,000 in grants and funding. 

Every week I see Dan out and about in Coolum, supporting local business and taking an active role in the community.

As for the former Labor MP for the area, what did you deliver Ray? I recall you promised to remove the tolls on the Maroochy River Bridge, which you failed to do. You also promised to ‘jump off the bridge’ if you were unsuccessful, but I can’t recall you ever getting your feet wet.

Frank Carroll,

Coolum Beach.


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