Letters to the editor 10/06/21

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Dear editor,

There is no reason for pensioners to not have housing. We have seen what can be done with containers turned into accommodation. I have as a young person lived in a car garage that I had built in within the in-laws back yard.

I have also lived in a factory after a separation – the container idea is way better than that. It’s a cheap way to give pensioners a place to live in any area in Australia.  

We have had a royal commission and now we need to use some ideas and take it away from bureaucracy and get it done.


Twin waters.



Dear editor,

While Queensland has maintained a Covid free state of affairs, it appears other states continue to struggle with cases. Queensland has returned to a Covid normal life.

States allowing internationals to quarantine in hotels, continue to import the deadly strains. Hotels are not 100% guaranteed to prevent air and stranger transmission, as is the current status in Victoria. Victoria seems to fail to be clear of Covid completely – its government crying poor. 

Governments not playing by the Covid rules, not avoiding large gatherings, such as sporting matches, are paying dearly. The cost to our economy and life is terminal. 

It’s a deadly lesson. Prevention is ensuring mandatory testing and vaccination. Individuals refusing are playing with fire. Incoming internationals exacerbate the Covid fallout. The horse has bolted.

E. Rowe,


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