Lobby group calling on old runway to open after bumper Easter

Community lobby group Flight Path Forum claim to have received a record number of complaints recently, which were the result of the flights in and out of the Sunshine Coast Airport over the busy Easter period.

The group is claiming that complaints of aircraft noise and the visual impacts of aircraft flying at low altitudes over homes came from residents all over the northern Sunshine Coast area to the community advocacy group, Flight Path Forum (FPF).

The over 40 flight movements in and out of the airport per day during Easter far exceeded the average flight movements per day predicted in the failed 2019 community consultation by Airservices Australia (ASA) and the Sunshine Coast Council.

Bad weather conditions experienced over the busy Easter period caused problems for residents, aviation operators and visitors alike with FPF claiming that amplified noise impacts were experienced by residents due to atmospheric conditions.

The bad weather conditions also caused safety problems for aircraft attempting to land on the new $334 million runway, with some circling over coastal communities for prolonged periods, before being diverted to Brisbane.

This caused uncertainty and inconvenience for hundreds of visitors to the region Flight Path Forum spokesperson, Marian Kroon stated.  

“Local aviation operators have been expressing concern about design faults and safety issues with the new runway since it opened in June 2020, but the problems encountered over Easter must now be ringing alarm bells with the larger operators and the airport itself,” Ms Kroon said.

“The problems experienced over Easter have led to community wide calls to consider re-opening the old runway.

“The Sunshine Coast Council, Sunshine Coast Airport and Airservices Australia must seriously consider this option to address a range of issues including aircraft safety, operational difficulties for aviation operators, passenger safety and satisfaction and it would also help to reduce the excessive noise impacts on the communities of the Northern Sunshine coast.”

For more information, visit – www.flightpathforum.org.au

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