Letters to the Editor 08/04/2021

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Dear editor,


Mandatory mask wearing and social distancing, to protect not only wearers, but a susceptible public, is the least authorities require from us all.

The deadly UK variant is highly infective and requires super vigilance. The stubborn female ‘Garden City’ shopper, confronting a policeman doing his duty on mask wearing, demonstrates how one recalcitrant can potentially start another COVID outbreak.

This person is the type ensuing the COVID virus remains alive in our communities, by rebellion against attempts to control its outbreak. Her failure to comply is disrespectful towards an officer on duty and a selfish disregard for others.

We have witnessed similar arrogance on January 6 at the Capitol by those who declare their freedom of expression is their constitutional right. On such basis, they falsely declare individuals have rights to endanger others.

Morally, no one has a right to threaten the lives of others. This display has simply made this female a social media ‘most detested’ stubborn star!

E. Rowe,



gender in the pen

Dear editor,

In the chook pen, young chicks were being pecked at by the strutting, preening Roosters. Unable to defend themselves they have flown the coop and vow to come home to roost after these old Cocks have their necks wrung and become feather dusters. Fair Dinkum!

Margaret Wilkie,

Peregian Beach.


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