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Dear editor,

A short comment to Messrs Abbott and Duggan:

Shops passing on the fees charged by banks/card issuers are not doing the ‘wrong thing’!

Businesses have been permitted to recover their costs for this long before COVID 19 came along.

Let’s put this in perspective – if you spend $50 the great levy will be 75 cents!

Do we hear a word from these same people when the cost of fuel jumps by 40 cents a litre in one go?

One rule for bashing small businesses, another for the oil giants it would seem!

Graham Lockey,

Coolum Beach.



Dear editor,

“On My Watch” 1000 deaths daily.

On your “watch”, Mr President, the reality is: health workers without basic essential protection, many not yet tested and taking credit for the vaccine, but not the 250 thousand deaths.

While wasting precious time and resources, claiming the election was rigged and you won; “Rome burns”! Mute Republicans, colluding with your insane claims, make a mockery of the democratic process.

Those who disagree, including the U.S. cyber security chief, Christopher Krebbs, insisting this was the most secure election in U.S. history, uncompromised, contradict Trump’s outrageous claims of voter fraud, so are sacked. Like Hitler’s S.S. men, Trump demands loyalty to his world view.

The world is watching this madman take revenge upon not only the outright winner, but upon all who dance to a different drum. “Pride goes before destruction.”

E. Rowe,




Dear editor,

Who, in 2019 said that, “Women can have equality as long as it doesn’t affect others”? Will men ever achieve the same equality? Just asking.

Margaret Wilkie,

Peregian Beach.

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