Winter warmer with State Govt energy cashback

THE STATE Government will be helping Queenslanders with the cost of living with a $1,000 credit on their energy bills.  

Upfront $1,000 rebates will be applied to household bills from July, meaning most Queenslanders will not pay a single cent on their first power bill of the next financial year and many won’t pay another bill until 2025. 

Eligible seniors, pensioners and concession card holders will receive $1,372 off their power bills and Queensland Government-funded support of $325 off power bills will continue for small businesses. 

Premier Steven Miles said the energy cashback was the biggest direct energy rebate to Queenslanders ever.  

“I said we would use the budget to deliver cost of living relief, but I’ve decided it’s too urgent to wait that long. 

“We are delivering the biggest cost of living relief package in Queensland history to back Queenslanders in the fight against inflation.” 

“A lower energy bill puts more money back in the pockets of Queenslanders.” 

The $1,000 payment will be made on energy bills this year and has been made possible via the royalties the State Government receives from coal companies based in the state.  

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