No arts on the Horizon with festival set to move to May 2025

The Dawn Awakening event which is located at Stumers Creek and is the  Horizon Festival closing act is now moving to May 2025. File photo from 2023: Nic Morley 

IN ANOTHER blow to the local arts and cultural landscape the much-loved Horizon Arts Festival which included the Dawn Awakening event at Stumers Creek is set to go on a break for 2024.  

The Sunshine Coast Council-backed and programmed festival will be rescheduled to ensure a better spread of cultural offerings across the year. 

In an announcement that came out recently the next Horizon Festival, which is a 10-day multi-arts showcase, will move from August — where there are currently numerous arts and cultural offerings — to the quieter period of May 2–11 next year.  

Horizon’s opening weekend will coincide with the 2025 Labour Day Public Holiday, allowing more people to come and enjoy the festival. 

Horizon Festival’s Creative Director Megan Rowland said the date change was aimed at delivering positive outcomes for audiences, artists, and the region. 

“Moving our festival to earlier in the year means that audiences no longer need to choose between festivals in that busy August–September period. 

“With festivals across the globe feeling the financial pinch, we’re also taking the time to search for efficiencies, build a more sustainable festival model and deepen our engagement with the local creative sector and our communities.” 

With the Horizon Festival now less than a year away the 2025 festival group is already in deep planning mode.   

“We’ve been working hard behind the scenes. A renewed vision is shaping the festival for this exciting new phase, and we can’t wait to share it with you.” 

Sunshine Coast Council Mayor Rosanna Natoli said the eagerly awaited cultural festival was an important celebration of creative talent and an attractive drawcard for visitors. 

“Changing the date allows Council to embrace a more sustainable festival model, safeguarding the cultural and economic value the festival provided,” Mayor Natoli said. 

“The festival attracted more than 25,000 attendees and contributed $1.9 million to the region in 2023, an important Council contribution to strengthen our local economy.” 

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