Advertiser to go green

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FROM next edition which will be out on April 24 the Advertiser will be a purely green paper with no more home deliveries.  

This has not  been a decision that has been made lightly but we want to see our paper represented in the best possible light and when it rains the paper is “wrapped in plastic” and it’s just not with the times these days to be so irresponsible environmentally. Then there’s the papers which are not picked up and are left to sit idle! Again, this is not a good look.  

We understand that there may be some people who will be upset by not receiving their paper anymore at the end of their driveway, but rest assured we will be doing more “bulk drops”, and we are more than confident that everyone in the community will at some stage throughout the fortnightly cycle will be able to pick up an Advertiser from a bulk drop location.  

We will also be organising a way to get some papers to those in the community via other charity groups.  

And don’t forget that you can always be 100% green and read the Advertiser online at  

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