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Why are you running? 

Eventually, you just need to stop waiting for change and make it happen. Watching the record of the current council over the last four years and trying to deal with councillors and the bureaucracy was a wake-up call for me. I am running because we need a whole new sweep of councillors who will lift the lid and work together for you. During my campaign, I have heard many calls for transparency within the council. People are angry that the council hasn’t listened, hasn’t consulted and has pushed ahead with their own plans regardless. I am told it is the council bureaucracy running things. I want to change this. 

What is one of your main concerns for the region and how will you address this?  

My main concern is getting the Planning Scheme right, so we save our coastline, green spaces, beaches and healthy ocean, protect our lifestyle, have developers here on our terms and we look after our community especially the “working poor”. We need to agree on population growth and not be dictated to by the State Government who are pushing for another 170,000.  The planning scheme needs to finally show transport and other infrastructure networks we need so funding can be negotiated, and construction can begin. Up to $40 million has been spent on transport planning with not one new road or bus appearing.  There were opportunities twenty years ago to avoid the chaos we have. For the last four years, we have had on-again off-again discussions between the three tiers of government with no action. We need our share of Federal and State funds. Because of this procrastination, we could now lose opportunities for new Olympics and Paralympics sporting facilities if the delays continue. 

What is your background?  

I am a town planner, scientist, have studied and worked in tourism planning and also have a PhD in Business Ethics which might be handy. I have worked advising politicians, managing major development projects, in environmental management, social housing, and large funding programs in the arts. Before starting my own businesses, my last paid job was with the Salvation Army where I raised funds for their affordable housing, family support, drug/rehabilitation, domestic violence and at-risk youth programs. I am running because I know how to maximise the impact of your rates and I have the skills across the board to make a big difference right now. 

Why should people who live in the Coolum and North Shore region vote for you?  

I will be a councillor who remembers I am there to serve you. I’ve seen service levels decline, whilst rates go up. There are blockages in the council decision-making processes, and I can remove them. I know what can happen in big organisations. Funding allocated for one project suddenly shifts, recommendations from staff are changed in a blink, and funding that was never available is found. I’m onto all of this. It won’t happen on my watch. I call a spade a spade. If I am elected you can guarantee I will lift the lid and let you in. With my background, if you elect me I will start the job running. 

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Why are you running? 

Quite simply, I’m fed up with the current council and I think that we, the community, deserve better. I want council to keep focused on the community and deliver the services it needs and expects, without increasing the rates. The current council is not listening to the residents.  Local government has been given a charter by the State Government of planning for basically roads, rates and rubbish. For many years council has failed with its core responsibilities, instead, pouring much of its resources into big-ticket projects like the Maroochydore CBD, the airport, the solar farm, the list goes on. As a local resident, I want more efficiency from council and more attention paid to North of the river. 

What is one of your main concerns for the region and how will you address this?  

Cost of living. Bring back the early rates payment discount, kerb-side clean-ups, and reduce the levies. Parking and traffic- no short answer. A lot of work is needed there. Environment- keeping the flood plain and drains intact. Development- maintain the community wishes of no high rise!  

What is your background?  

I am a long-term local, community member and businessman. I have previous councillor experience (eight years). 

Why should people who live in the Coolum and North Shore region vote for you?  

My aim is to make sure that every decision that comes out of council is in the residents’ better interest. My focus is clear and that is to be the residents’ representative, to use the organisation of council to service the community and deliver their wants and needs and not be a bureaucratic puppet. I have the experience, knowledge and energy to get the job DUNNE. 

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Why are you running? 

I’m standing again because, after four years of working for the best interests of the community, I know there is more that can be done for them. There are a number of grassroots projects where I have some good progress which had no funding or delivery timeframes. Including sporting facilities, recreation facilities and road upgrades.  I’m concerned these might fall by the wayside if I’m not there to continue to advocate for them.  

What is one of your main concerns for the region and how will you address this?  

Some big issues are looming which I am up to date on and ready for – existing and future development applications, the new planning scheme, input into infrastructure and public transport delivery and keeping a close eye on the budget to ease pressure for ratepayers in an environment of major cost escalations.   

What is your background?  

I am a Division 9 resident who has lived in this area for more than 20 years. After serving 11 years with the Royal Australian Air Force, I completed a Bachelor of Business (Marketing and Management) at the University of the Sunshine Coast.  I worked for a number of multinational companies prior to raising my children and was elected as the Councillor for Division 9 of the Sunshine Coast in 2020. 

Why should people who live in the Coolum and North Shore region vote for you?  

I’m the best candidate for Division 9 because I’ve done the work, I know the issues, I’ve pushed for projects that weren’t planned or funded, and I get things done in the best interest of the community. An example of this is the pathway planning from the Breeze to David Low Way on Noosa land because it’s the safest side.  

Making sure Division 9 is included in projects that are well outside of our area is also a priority. Division 9 had no direct benefits from the mass transit project, and I successfully included a park-and-ride facility in to be considered by the State in their planning. Representing the community over inappropriate development applications means I’ve challenged decisions and been successful in overturning them based on logic, research and community sentiment.  

Most of the things I work towards have come from hearing about issues or suggestions from residents and community organisations. I understand the issues in Division 9 and the processes to make things happen. I don’t shy away from challenging the Council organisation or large organisations because it is always about doing what is right for the broader community. 

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