Cleaning up for Australia along coastal stretch

Volunteers at the Clean Up event at the Lions Park in Coolum organised by Mandy from ‘Ten Little Pieces’. 

IT WAS a busy morning on Sunday, March 3 with the annual ‘Clean Up For Australia Day’ taking place with hundreds of ‘clean up’ event sites across the country. Volunteers in Coolum at the event organised by Mandy from ‘Ten Little Pieces’ gave up their time for a sweaty morning of rubbish removal in the dunes adjacent to the Lions Park (across from the hotel) in Coolum.  

Division 9 councillor candidate Maria Suarez once again came along to a clean-up event and was saddened to see more rubbish collected this year.  

Mandy and Division 9 councillor candidate Maria Suarez. Photos: Contributed 

“Last year it wasn’t so bad, this year I picked up a lot! 

“One gentleman lugged in a large and heavy microwave, I reported a rug and a mattress as illegal dumping, and Mandy found many cigarette butts along David Low Way.”  

Maria went on to say that it was a great event organised by Mandy who once again brought the community together.  

“Families, small businesses and Coolum State High School community representatives turned up to clean up.” 

Remember though that every day is essentially a clean-up day! In an effort to keep our environment pristine please never walk past any litter if you can.  

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