Letters to the editor 29/11/2023

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Dear editor, 

Quote: “Never has so much been done to so many by so few”. Robodebt- Vulnerable people attacked by their own government as a money-raising policy - 450,000 victims wrongly accused of fraud: 2000+ suicides. Why? Just asking for friends? 

Margaret Wilkie,  

Peregian Beach. 



Dear editor, 

Regarding the timely reminder in the last edition alerting readers to check their account for the energy bill Cost of Living Rebates from the Queensland government, I would also like to remind readers that there is another government scheme to help with the cost of living and that is the Climate Smart Energy Savers program. 

Rebates are available for up to $1,000 for eligible Queenslanders to purchase energy-efficient appliances, air conditioners and hot water systems. The program closes on Monday, 4th December, check it out. 

The Climate Smart Energy Savers program is part of the government’s Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan to help Queenslanders manage their energy use, and bills, and reduce their carbon emissions, therefore helping with the cost of living and helping the environment. 

We have been fortunate to be granted a rebate on a much-needed washing machine. Our old one was rusty, leaking and only had a three-star rating. So, thanks to the Palaszczuk government we now have a lovely new four and a half star rating machine and look forward to a reduction in running costs, every bit helps. 

Robyn Deane,  

Bli Bli.  



Dear editor,  

Congrats on another year of sterling communitarianism with the Advertiser! To me and hopefully others, the value of a local paper, reporting local issues, highlighting local heroes, and helping forge solidarity in localism, is something very special… and this value is beyond the tawdry nature of money and consumerism!  

Think Global Act Local. Keep Up The Good Work.  

Cheers from a 29-year local.  

Dylan White,  

Coolum Beach.  

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